Disinterested to Interested an Awakening


Gavin had no interest in being here none at all. Worst of all he was 'released' but now it seemed he was taken back into custody against his own will over this damned prophecy.  He wanted to get back on the trail of his friend which had already gone cold and it needed not to get any colder.  He took another bite of his apple watching Roland become more and more distracted. Roland's friend Kathering or something along those lines was showing some concerned of Roland's distracted behaviour.  Gavin saw this as the perfect opportunity to ditch these guys despite Derrik Keane's threats. The threat to use magic manipulation was rather pale in comparison to Gavin's innate ability to seem to negate any magic that he came into contact with.  

"Let's try going this way." Roland suggested turning towards Kathering, who agreed, within that instance Gavin slipped into the crowd, enraging the distracted Roland, " Where did he go?!" 

Gavin once out of Roland sight made a run for it just in case of that tracking spell he placed on him was still active. If that was the case he wouldn't have much time before he was apprehended. Before that he hoped to make a quick stop at that academy again and use on his charms to see if he could uncover if Verug had ever been there.  Upon arrival Gavin quickly  pulled the charms out stripping the seal, with that a a light of gold wafted through the air dimming before giving off an immense glow that began to dart through the building  bring him close a source of smoke and fire. Someone had lit the academies library on fire, and worst Gavin heard the sounds of men coming this way. Was it his curse to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Gavin wondered.  He had the choice of being caught as the man guilty for the burning of this library or follow the charm into the fire.

“The world is conspiring for my demise." Gavin cursed as he darted into the flames and smoke taking a large breath of air before, frantically following after the golden charm that was slowly disappearing into the thick smoke.  Flames licked at his clothing and scorched vulnerable skin but Gavin pushed on as his lungs screamed out in bitter agony.  The light from the charm came close into the fire, it had stopped but Gavin couldn't see through the thick smoke let alone make out anything more than the light from the charm as the smoke stung his eyes.  Gavin fumbled around catching something on his feet and falling through what he thought was trap door in the ground. The scent of burning books and leather was replaced by the smell of must as Gavin fell onto the stone floor. He opened his eyes to see some smoke filtering in from the hole above but for the time being he was safe from the fire and smoke. All though winded and much deprived of oxygen he made valiant attempts to fill his lungs with the cleaner air. Gavin looked through his new surrounding seeing bookshelves mostly devoid of books and replaced by thick strands of cobwebs. There seemed to be a layer of dust an inch think all over the room except for where he had landed and a set of footsteps that did not belong to him.  The footsteps lead to a desk where the charm was hovering over before it dimmed and fell onto the wooden desk.  Gavin made his way over searching the desk finding a leather bound book, an unopened letter, and a box that had sealing rune over it. The penmanship of the rune was very similar to Verug's and it  Gavin was very sure that he had finally found a clue about his friend's activity. 

He opened the letter which read: 

Gavin if this letter has reached you it means that the worst has happened. Remember the artifacts I was searching for in the ruins of Alkaderv and I told you about the myth of the Gigas bestias. That myth was a prophecy, and in my line of work it is a ridiculed prophecy.  However I have come to known that is far from the truth in my youth. I made it my line of work to bring it to people's attention by gathering related artifacts whenever possible.  It was not by chance that I had found you so many years ago Greaves  the seer of this prophecy had described a man that bore a resemblance to your nature. That resemblance grew as you turned into a man. No doubt in my mind you were  the greatest find I had made although your place in the prophecy is uncertain but it is among several other individuals that I am certain are in the capital of Valstrom. The heroes’ of the magistrate rebellion. That is why I have disappeared, I knew your were not one for these prophecy and heavily untrustworthy of seers, but I implore you to read Greaves works. There is truth in his words and you will see the similarities I am sure even you can't deny.  Anyways what has happened to me is difficult to explain in this letter but the agents that oppose you are near and I’m afraid that they will take me soon.  Gavin once you get this letter you must go to the capital and you must read Greaves work, and find my hidden office in the academy of magic. There will be greater explanations, of my disappearance and more importantly that nature of yours that I referred to.

Take great caution, and best of Luck. 

Verug Twinslith.

 At the mention of the similarities Gavin remembered the picture of Roland had found with everyone, all though inaccurate an image of  Derrick , Soren, and Roland in the picture. Maybe there was more to this. Not only that but if Verug was involved and he had been captured Gavin was definitely interested in stick around, even if it meant fighting greater demon monsters. He owed his life to Verug and if there was anything that made him honourable it was the fact he would loyally destroy himself to aid a close friend of his.  More smoke was filling the room my time was running out. He grabbed the book only to find the pages completely empty to his dismay. perhaps it was magically gaurded? Gavin though. He grabbed the box which opened under his intense grip.  He dropped the box in surprise as blue light emanated from it. Upon closer inspection the blue light looked like flames, without thinking Gavin went to touch the flame like substance. As he did the blue flames grew to meet his hand, before quickly leaping onto his and engulfing his arm.  Gavin gave a shout of terror as the blue flame began to grow even more. A strange feeling came about him he could feel a pressure in his chest that was slowly filling his body. Strange memories of battles and places that he never seen or been in filled flashed before him. 

"What’s going on?" Gavin yelled as he thrashed about trying to remove the blue flame off him. His innate ability began to go crazy as the room began to change as if it was moving backwards through time, the cobwebs disappeared the empty bookshelves filled with books. Gavin climbed the stairs in the hopes of finding help to stop whatever was happening to him. Why wasn't his power stopping it?  Smoke greeted him back in the flaming library, but not for long as the effects of the flames were reversed and the Library seemed to restore itself in Gavin's general area.  As the blue flame like substance fully engulfed Gavin the more the library appeared to restore itself.  He began to grow tired as his body sunk onto his knees. The sounds of men’s footsteps filled the library with the accompanying sounds of disbelief.  Gavin closed his eyes trying to subdue and take control of his power only to see more memories that didn't belong to him accompanied by a voice. 

"Gavin do not be afraid this is your power, the power of time. I produced this charm to release your power from your subconscious to consciousness. The reason that your power appears to negate magic is because it moves your body through time as if you weren't there when the magic was casted.  You’re going to need to learn how to control this power if it has gone beyond your control just imagine the flame that consumes you currently imagine it going into your palm then absorbing it, that will stop the full release of you power but you will now have conscious control over it. Best of luck" 

I Gavin did as instructed but struggled immensely to force the blue flame in into his right palm, but within a minute the reversal of time around him stopped but it was a little late as some of the men that walked into the library now looked like young adults to children clothed in clothes much to big for them.

"How am I supposed to explain this one?" Gavin said astonished at what had just taken place, before falling flat on his behind unceremoniously from exhaustion.


The End

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