Who is the slave?

Derrick had left Gwendolyn in the capable hands of the healers and his physician, with Alex by her side, and seen to it that the five Underground leaders were fed.

Now that everything had settled down, he needed to find out why the bosses sought his help. They congregated in Kiandra's parlor while she went to see if the healers required anything, and to pay the physician on Derrick's behalf (although Derrick felt that Kiandra should have been resting more than she was).

"So, you managed to figure out that there are two usurpers working together with a slave that they share." Derrick said to Jada and Delta. "And that the slave doesn't or can't question them, correct."

"He is incapable." Delta spoke to Derrick directly for the first time, keeping his eyes on the ground. "This slave can only do what they tell him to do, when they convey their wishes to them. After they are done with him, he knows not what he has done. The slave has no sense of time, and never has a sense of free will when his masters call on him. That is all I could find out."

Derrick thought for a moment. "There's a possibility that your usurpers placed a brand on their slave. A level five or six, maybe even a seven. That would explain why you can't get insides his head. It's got a secondary safeguard on it, so that no one can leech him."

"Is that possible?" Amos Whyte spoke up. "I have never heard of someone attempting to use someone they didn't brand who succeeded in doing so."

"The former Magister Arkham wrote about it." a voice spoke up from the back of the room. "It is possible depending upon the level and nature of the brand, Master Whyte."

"Your highness!" Artorius jumped to his feet and bowed, causing his fellow bosses to follow suit. "You should not interact with our kind."

"I may chose with whom I will grace my presence." Jon Pelastor replied. "Hello, Derrick."

"Hello, Jon. Thank you for coming." Derrick replied. He had called the king here alone to show the underground whose side they would be on if they wanted his help. "You must have heard everything."

"I did. It's very intriguing."

"And your guards?"

"In the scullery." Jon replied, grinning.

Derrick smirked. "Of course. Jada?"

"Yes?" Jada rose uncertainly.

"Tell His Majesty what you know about the usurpers."

"Of course." Jada sat down at the same time Jon did while glaring at Derrick. "They are odd to say the least. We know there are two, but can only describe the first. He is thinner than a normal man, and shivers constantly. He shares the slave I assume your heard about, Your Highness, with another unknown man. The slave has kept us from getting closer to him so that the members of the underground will be compromised."

"If there's no loyalty, we're in danger of being overthrown or mudered." Brock Strike added. "As a king, I'm sure you understand that."

"Indeed." Jon agreed. "What can any of you tell me about the slave? What are his habits when not under the control of his masters? What does he look like?"

"He goes to the city center. Our sources tell us he works at the Academy as live-in help. When not in the control of his masters, he has a limp. But under the control of his masters, he has powerful magic." said Artorius

"How powerful?" Jon asked, leaning forward in anticipation.

"Drain magic." Jada and Delta replied in unison.

The room grew quiet. Derrick

"What is Drain magic?" Jon asked.

"Source or Energy?" Derrick demanded. "Which one is it?"

"What is it?" Jon asked, his eyes hardening as he looked at Derrick. "Derrick, what is Drain magic?"

"Which one?" Derrick leapt from his seat, stepping towards the Typhaeus twins. Jada put a protective are across her brother's chest. "Tell me which on it is, Delta! Speak!"

"Both!" Delta cried, thrusting a hand out to fend off Derrick. "Cut your frightened aura down before you do us harm!"

"Both." Derrick repeated. "You're positive?"

"Entirely." Jada answered.

Derrick shook his head, running a hand through his hair. "That's impossible. . .it can't be both. . . but that explains why his masters would put such a high level seal on him if they did.  But having both types of Drain would make a person completely unstable. . .perhaps Arkham, before we caught him, he. . .no, a person's Drain magic cannot be altered, he said so himself in his book, and-"

"Derrick!" Jon exclaimed. "Tell me what in the world you are talking about, now!"

"Drain magic," Derrick said slowly. "is very unstable. Energy Magic takes energy from a person until they are unconscious. Source Drain magic takes all the energy a person has, killing him in the process. Like a mage theif, only instead of taking magic, Drain takes energy, life, from your body instead. If these Underground usurpers have a slave that can use Drain magic, we need to get the slave and free him from them as soon as possible."

"Can we find him in time?" Jon demanded. "I'll put our a search-"

"No!" Artorius jumped to his feet. "Let our people find him, sire.  It will be quicker."

"I'll have some of my men help, too." Derrick added. "You said the slave has a limp, and works at he Academy?"


"There's only one person who I know of-" Derrick cut himself off. "No way. It can't be."

"What?" Amos asked. "You know him?"

"Yes." Derrick said. "I can get him myself."

It was Nox.

The End

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