Roland: A Blast From the Past

Gavin, Kathering, and I scoured the castle for information on the mysterious brown-skinned man. Finally, a maid remembered someone leaving the castle and going down a side street. Going from witness to witness, we slowly made our along. That was, until the trail went cold. I could feel defeat creeping up on me as our fifth lead turned out to be wrong.

"Like I said, " Gavin took a bite of an apple I could not recall him purchasing, "a wild goose chase."

"We can't stop yet," I countered, my eye on the apple. I could not remember the last time that I had eaten.

Kathering shrugged. "Maybe he will come back. In fact he could be at the palace right now."

"But-" I saw the look in my companions' eyes and sighed. "Fine. But I just want to get something to eat first."

As I tried to determine whether one vendor's stew was actually edible, I noticed a woman buying fruit at one stand. My heart began to race, and I impusively began to run towards her, a memory replaying itself in my mind over and over: a crying woman running out into the rain while my father looked on...

My uniform exuded the authority I needed to get through the crowded marketplace. Good thing too, because me stumbling over a free range chicken and knocking my head on some strung up garlic didn't help. Finally reaching the woman, I whirled her around and...

It wasn't her. Even with my shaky childhood memory I knew that much.

"Sorry, ma'am," I mumbled, "I thought you were someone else." Kathering and Gavin caught up with me, and I suddenly felt ashamed that I had left Kathering alone with a repeat offender.

"What were you thinking!" Kathering shouted.

"I-I thought she was the guy. You know, from across the marketplace."

Kathering looked at the woman, who looked nothing like the guy we were chasing, then turned to me dubiously. But I just pushed past her, my cheeks burning. I did not want her to know that the real reason for my strange behavior was because of the birth mother I had not seen in fourteen years.

The End

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