Thomas: Visiting the Sick.

I walked out of the library, too many books. I need to do something. Paul follows me out and a man walks by.

"Are you friends of Lord Kahner?"

"Aye, we are." I reply.

"Then hurry to the hospital, his wife his sick."

My eyes widen, "Gwendolyn?"

The man nods and hurries into the library. Without thinking I run for the hospital, every step taking me closer to a frightening possibility. Why is she sick? How sick is she? Is she going to live the night?

Eventually Thomas and Paul reach the town's hospital and walk in. They turn down a corridor and find the room containing Alex and his wife, Gwendolyn.

"Gwen are you OK?" I ask.

While I talk with Gwendolyn, Paul asks Alex for his permission to use his powers to heal Gwen. Alex consents and Paul creates water and uses it to heal Gwendolyn.

"No, not really." She grimaces, "I'm glad you could make it."

I chuckle, "Well, the very woman by whose help my Father was able to complete his quest; I am eternally in her debt."

"Then why did you leave?"

Thomas frowns, "I felt I had to go. Our adventure was done, it was finished. There was no more slaying dragons, no more fighting powerful magister lords, no more going to war with an army far larger then our small 7 man group. I felt empty, I felt lost. I couldn't just go back to life as usual, it wouldn't work. So, I left. I saw that everyone else was adjusting to normal life quite well and I leaped into the ocean. But, heh, that wasn't a good idea.

"I ended up almost drowning, considering my powers weren't full yet. In fact, the powers in Vand's bloodline are never full without a covenant with the king of sea monsters, Kraken. I ended up drowning in the open sea and my father found me."

Gwendolyn sputters, "Your father? Vand? But, he was dead!"

I continue, "Yes, he was dead. But his pact with the ocean means that he is an eternal being. He will live forever, in the ocean. And he found me and taught me more powerful abilities. Then, he brought me before Kraken who made a covenant with me and sent me to the island of Yokai."

"So, are you immortal to?" Alex inquires.

"Well, depends on what you mean by immortal. I will die, yes. But I will live forever in the ocean. But, there is this one magick that can be performed and if performed correctly makes me into a Legend."

"Legend?" Gwen asked.

"Yes, Legend, it's a person who has achieved bodily immortality and unlimited power in their associated field. One that you would know about would've been Sarine of the Dark Dragons. She performed a very powerful magick that made her a Legend. And there's more than one magick that can do this, and if I did it, it would be different then Sarine's."

"So, let me get this straight," Alex said, "You have the complete capability to become immortal and gain infinite power, but you choose not to?"

"Let's just say... the price is costly."

And with that the doctor walked in, Paul stopped healing Gwendolyn. Then him and I stood to the side while the doctor worked.

The End

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