A Lover's Grief

He was to destroy each of those precious books just because of some prophesy. He was beginning to be weary about this whole prophesy thing.First Lord Derrick and now a man seemly more sinister than even Reshy, "Destroy all records relating to Greaves and his works” There was no worse punishment for a librarian than this. And here he was being forced to bring down entire libraries, all that history! The council of librarians was already discussing the precautions to be taken to protect their precious scrolls but deep down Nox knew that would not stop him, he felt the pain as each scroll was destroyed.

In cases where he could; he had destroyed only those particular books, that’s why he had three more targets this night. One of the other books was in possession of one the most powerful mages in Vastrom and this night he was to steal from him as well.

He glided lightly on his feet as he made his way to the mage's quarters; he had entered it before but for other reasons. Hope no one is around.

It began raining, as he approached the door, a servant stood almost motionless, as he approached.

“Hold there” the man said stretching out his hand. "How my I.."

Nox stretched out his small hand and brushed the servants fingers, he snapped at the man’s life force. The man fell to the ground eyes bulging, no trouble there. His skin felt like a receptor, so many sources of energy all these at his disposal. He turned the handle and entered, dripping as he moved; the faces hanging on those portraits all familiar some were friends other colleagues. Let none of them be around. He climbed the stairs looking for a place the mage would keep his books. It was not difficult to find.

With expert hands he moved through the scrolls, until he eyes settled on the one particular scroll, he felt his heart break as he moved to pick it.

 Everything should have been fine until he felt it, the pulse and the door locking.

“I have been expecting a visit from you, though not here. I thought probably at the academic  library, but then I had also forgotten I have one in my own house. ” the voice said.

Thunder sounded from the outside but it felt like it came from this man. Nox froze.”I just need a book and I am gone.” He spoke as he pulled the book out, there was no need to lie, the man seemed to have been expecting him. He adjusted his hood to cover his face.

“Is that so, then why didn’t you just ask? Should I assume, you planned to bring it back after setting my house on fire.” The man moved closer. “You thought someone would not connect the dots, particular books in different libraries burnt through Vastrom. So tell me, why books most scholars consider heresy? Well I for one knew Greaves as frantic in all his writing until now. I hope you have not killed my servant”

"He is just passed out" Nox replied.

"Good! Then probably you may live to face the council"

Nox turned, sprinting for the window, but suddenly fire sprang, blocking his path. He came to a halt, the book fell from his grasp.

“Nice selection but I am not letting you go anywhere with it” Uther said. As he spoke sparks started to manifest from the man’s eyes. “I believe every student needs a lesson one way or another and this will be yours” He stretched his fingers and the fire came to life.

The End

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