Derrick fled the room in the Sitting Duck without a second thought. If anything happened to Kiandra. . . .

"Lord Keane!" "Sir, wait!" cries arose from both the Underground leaders and the men Derrick had brought with him. But he couldn't wait.

As he ran outside and demanded his horse, everyone caught up with him.

"Sir?" Ryan asked breathlessly. "We can ride ahead and meet with the physician for you. We know where to get the horses."

"You think I'm worried about that right now? My wife-"

"I said the child, sir, not yours. Miss Winterhaven is ill. There was a commotion outside and then the innkeeper brought her here." Ryan whispered, guesturing to the stairs. "We sent her to your estate since we weren't sure where else to-"

"What?" Derrick exclaimed, then sighed with releif. Kiandra was fine. "Don't you dare mince your words like that again! I don't care how much of an emergency it is."

"My apologies, sir, but she seemed to be in such distress I thought that her child might have been-"

"I don't care! Do you know how badly you scared me? Think before you speak in an emergency situation! Now tell me where she is and who's taking her there so I can finish this!" Derrick pointed to Jada Typhaeus and Amos Whyte, who were watching them impatiently.

"I. . .I sent the innkeeper's man with. . .with Midius to. . .take her to your estate. . sir." Ryan stammered. "Is there anything. . .else. . .I should. . .do, sir?"

"She's been sick for the past while now, and using magic when you're pregnant can harm the mother and baby! I'll need you to go and get ahold of Alexander Kahner, he's her husband. Or. . .something like that." Derrick shook his head. "Just go and find him, and tell him to send for palace healers and my physician. I'll help take care of Gwendolyn once I get home."

"Yes. . .yes, sir." Ryan gave a hasty salute and ran to find his horse.

"Lords of Chaos." Derrick muttered under his breath, shaking his head. "What else can go wrong?" He turned to the two bosses.

"So you have a way to ride to my estate? We can finish the meeting there."

"Do we look like we have a way to ride to your estate?" Amos snapped. "Of course we don't have a ride. But I can get the five of us there if you really need it."

Derrick shook his head again. "It would help if I knew why you're asking for my help before you do that. I know how taxing it can be."

Jada stepped closer to him and said softly, "There are usurpers. Two of them, at least. They keep a slave that does their will without question and Delta is having trouble finding out their identites. But they're plotting something and we don't wish to be blamed for it even if we do have a quarrel with your people."

"Doesn't your brother's magic have something to do with the recesses of people's mind?" Derrick asked. "Is that why he hardly ever speaks?"

"That's close, but he's not psychic. He can only see people's intentions, their skills and powers. Their slave is the one mind he cannot get into without draining himself completely."

Derrick heard himself gasp. The Typhaeus twins were powerful mages in their own right, as powerful as Soren, whose control over wind alone nearly matched Derrick's manipulation magic. If Delta couldn't deal with the slave of two rogue usurpers, what were they dealing with?

Apparently, a lot could go wrong. There was no way the capitol could handle a civil war now. How was it possible that such a level of power had gone unnoticed  so close to Jon and the Council, and how had he not sensed it?

"Lord Keane?" Jada asked uncertainly. "Are you well?"

"You." Derrick pushed past her and thrust a finger in Amos's chest. "Get your partners into the alleyway and get them to my estate as fast as possible. I know you know where it is. I have to meet some physicians, but I'll speak with you as soon as I can."

"Are you certain that-"

"Don't suck up to me. You can stay there for as long as you need to. My household will accomodate the five of you without question."

"I think you're overreacting, Lord Keane." Amos cut in.

"Maybe, but we have enough problems right now without any of you acting out of turn. Just come. I have to go and see to my friend."

Amos sighed. "As you wish. We shall be there as soon as we can."

The End

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