Roland: Finally Getting Somewhere

"Not enough pictures in these books," I muttered as I flipped through a heavy tome. Alex had left to look for Gwen, and to be honest, I was glad he was. There was something… wrong about him. Something that unsettled me.  Maybe it was my imagination, but I felt that it wouldn’t just be Gavin I would have to keep an eye on. Also, I was almost certain Gwen was fine. She was stronger than she looked. I hope.

Soren sat up next to me. "Wait, I think I found something."

"Finally!" We crowded around and looked at what he was pointing to.

“Hey, that’s us!” I exclaimed. “Although they drew my nose too long.”

“But that is not possible.” Soren whispered.

Kathering leaned closer. “Why not?”

“Because this drawing is a hundred years old.”

I frowned. “No wonder they got my nose wrong.”

Soren gave me a look and began to read.

“The Prophecy of the Gigas Bestias has been around for many years. First described by Raphael Greave, the great seer, various other magic users have tried and failed to invoke visions pertaining to this prophecy. The vision Greave had was so fragmented and apparently so frightening that Greave spent the rest of his life as a hermit.

“Above is a reprint of a drawing the painter Frances Hies drew after a long interview with Greaves of the heroes mentioned in the prophecy. What one gets from the many conflicting interviews people had with Greave is that four beasts of great power, possibly representing different elements, are supposed to appear on Earth and that if the above heroes are not successful, that magic itself will be destroyed. Many interviewers claim that Greave told them he was writing everything he knew about the prophecy down in a book, but this text was never found. The lack of reliable information concerning the prophecy and Greave’s already questionable sanity led most historians to dismiss the prophecy as a hoax.”

“Well,” I said. “I guess those historians were wrong.”

“Were they?” Gavin straightened and stretched. “From what I can tell, we are going on a wild goose chase.”

“What about the picture?”

“A coincidence. Look, we don’t even have everyone.” He pointed at a small brown skinned man (or child, I couldn’t tell) in the picture. He looked vaguely familiar.

“Wasn’t that guy just here?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Soren. “He was here when I entered the library.”

“We should find him.” With everyone going off in different directions it would help if at least one person could be where we could find them. I turned to Gavin and frowned. I couldn’t leave him here. He might make a run for it and I had already seen what he could do to my guards. Hmm...

“Hey Kathering, Gavin. Up for a little mystery?”

The End

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