The Leaders (aka the underground bosses)

The five bosses stared at him in surprise.

"Have you gotten too used to living comfortably again, Sourge of the Keanes?" Brock Strike asked snidely. Derrick had dealt with him the least out of all the mage bosses. After him, Artorius was the one he knew the least about.

Delta Typhaeus whispered something to his sister, Jada, who said, "We called you here for something much more important than your stomach. Just sit and listen."

"Do you ever speak?" Derrick asked Delta, who smirked and shook his head.

Delta and Jada Typhaeus were a pair of twins rumored to be much closer than the average pair of siblings. They often sat much too close with eachother, Jada always speaking for the both of them.

"Delta is none of your concern." Amos Whyte said, an easy smile on his face. He was the youngest of the mage bosses, and the hardest to read. "If we can call in what used to be the Scourge of the Keanes," the young leader looked at Strike, then Derrick. "the least he can do is listen and the least we can do is refrain from insulting him. Please keep your comments to yourself."

Scourge.  Derrick hadn't been called that for years. Not even Roland knew that name. No rebel called him that anymore.

"Remember who outranks you, brat." Stike muttered in reply before turning to face Derrick again. "We can order you food if you want. But we do need you to listen to this."

"Sorry. I don't really need anything. But thank you." Derrick said.

The mage bosses exchanged looks before nodded. Jada tapped her foot twice on a nearby chair, her eyes meeting Derrick's. Derrick sat down, thanking them again.

"Something quite terrible has happened." Amos Whyte began, pushing his light brown hair away from his eyes. The easy, unreadable smile was still on his face. "We were hoping that you could do something about it."

"What happened?" Derrick asked.

"Something terrible." Amos said ominously, the smile disappearing from his face. "We have been fearing this for a long time. In fact, we wanted to send for you sooner, but some would not hear of it-"

"I won't accept help from a noble!" Strike interjected.

"We have no choice." Amos replied, his tone of voice even. "If you had listened to Jada and I sooner, then we would not be in this situation."

"It's your fault for provoking that-"

"Brock, Amos, please." Jada interrupted sweetly, reminding Derrick of Gwendolyn. "Lord Keane is here to assist us, I doubt it matters to him what our personal feelings are as long as he can help."

"But-"   "Jada, we agreed that-"

"Do you remember what happened the last time you aruged?" Artorius spoke up for the first time. "Unless the two of you wish to experience it again, be silent unless Derrick asks you to speak!"

Derrick cast Artorius a grateful look. "What exactly happened?"

A pained look passed across the face of Artorius."The worst of our fears-"

"The underground has started to divide!" Jada, Amos and Strike exclaimed in unison, as if they couldn't bear it anymore.

Derrick's mouth dropped open. As he was about to reply, there was a knock on the door.  "Lord Keane, you are needed at home. There is a problem with your child!"

Derrick jumped to his feet. "Come to my estate in three days! I'll make sure they know to let you in."  he said before bolting out of the room.

The End

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