Nox - Leech Alley

‘’You took your time getting here.’’ His guide grumbled.

“I had some complications” he replied as he came face to face with Reshy’s man.

"Just follow me" With that the man turned.

They moved further into the tunnels, every time- he always met them in a different location with different instructions. He trailed his guide. This was another city under Vastrom and all the known entrances were along the Leech alley.

Hiss guide stated whistling as they moved further, he could feel different people going about their business, they seemed unaffected by his looks, must be the strangeness of this area. Reshy  was not one to be kept waiting, how such a man had avoided notice all along he had no idea, well his masters had indeed kept unusual company.

“Love my whistling cripple” the man said.

“Sure” He hadn't even noticed the fool do.

 “No one beats me in the tune games.” The man whispered.

Well it sounded better than the noise on his way here.  Finally they arrived at a door, after entering and hearing it bolted his eyes were unbound. In his way here, he had noticed that these people were all stronger than the average magician. If the guardians knew of this the Leech alley would soon be a battle field. Finally a second door was opened; as he entered he felt a staggering pulse, emitting from a man seated in the dark room, he noticed that most of what was in the room was made of stone. Earth magic seemed to be lingering, no doubt the room could have been created recently.

“ I love your power of observation. Most seem to be deceived by what they see” As the man spoke Nox noticed the stones seemed to stirring, his power seeming to coming from the ground.

“Unlike most I appreciate the thing you are inside, those mages should have embraced you, but what have they done? Treated you like a plague. Their mistake,” the man stood up and moved leaned forward.  ”you may be wondering why I am telling you this Nox”

The walls seemed to be responding as the man spoke. He noticed Nox’s surprise.

“The earth is mine to command,” he said. “So you must understand what it means to cross me. I tell you this as one who appreciates your condition and the advantages it offers and of course a void future want say something”

“Yes, who are you? And what happened to Reshy?”

“The underground mages are headed to a new destination and I…”

“Where is Reshy? And who you are earth wielder.”

He noticed a shift in energy as the wall cracked. “Never interrupt me servant” the man said

“You are not my master and Reshy is not here. I will leave your humble caves my lord” As he turned, the door was no more and in its place stood a wall, blocking it.

“It is as simple as writing the right spell on paper to make my servant Te’nox” The man said.

How had he known?

When he turned to look at this unknown man, he noticed someone else appear from behind the stranger carrying a small bag. The new man opened it for the stranger and turned to leave as he turned Nox noticed the face it was Reshy, he moved and stood behind the seated man. Who was this stranger?

The End

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