Silently Watching

Alex poured over a few tomes for a few minutes, looking through these musty old arcane books of ancient lore, hoping to find even the smallest mention of this so called prophecy... though to be honest, it didn't really concern him that badly. He maintained a policy to keep his head straight, even in the most trying of circumstances. Though in the end this made people think he was a cocky, arrogant and overconfident jerk.

Still, he was nervous. Not for himself, but for Gwendolyn. The way she stormed out, the look on her face... the way she STARED at him. It wounded him in the heart.

But, he calmly reminded himself, the heart is a battlefield all it's own. Finally, in the midst of the silence, Alex, frustrated beyond outer appearances would suggest, slammed the tome he was reading into the table, causing everyone else to jump in surprise.

Thomas was the first to speak up. "Ummm... Alex, was it? Please, calm down..."

Alex breathed heavily, grabbing his face. "I'm sorry... I'm just worried..."

"About Gwen?"

Alex nodded silently. "She was taken ill recently, she shouldn't be moving around, getting some rest at home, but she insisted on coming here, going so far as to use Command Magic to do so... still, it's only a matter of time before it happens again..."

A look of concern spread across Thomas' face. "What will happen again?"

"Before the magic begins to wear off and she collapses. This has happened only once before, but I knew it wouldn't be the last... she used Command at one point trying to start a fire, but the fire refused to spark. It's like her powers are fading... no... more like fluctuating. There are times it will continue to work... but I doubt using  it on oneself is healthy..."

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Roland asked.

"Because this whole "prophecy" crap popped up before I had a chance to say anything." Alex calmly responded, but everyone in the room could feel his dark power tensing, as if his sadness was feeding it. He stood up calmly and sighed. "I'm going to go look for her."

And so he left, but came back minutes later, a frantic look on his face. "She's not here... I just heard from one of the guards that he saw Gwen go into town... after Derrick."


Minutes earlier...

Gwendolyn pouted, a look of annoyance on her face. "I'm not a child... I shouldn't have to be babied like this."

She walked down the hallway, and saw Derrick step into carriage. She blinked for a moment. "Now... where are you going?" She asked, wondering why Derrick would leave the library in such a time as this.

Gwen watched the carriage pull away, and saw it head into town, and thought to herself... "It'll give me something to do at least... I may even pick up a few things at the market... make something for Alex to apologize for my behavior."

She went to the stable and picked out a horse, got on and followed Derrick into town, a broad smile on her face. "Whatever happens, this should at least give me some satisfaction."


After she arrived in town, she dismounted her horse and payed to have the horse taken care of while she looked for Derrick... it didn't take long to spot him walking into an inn. Gwen smiled and followed, but stopped before she got too far... instead opting to go around the back. Once there, she sat in silence, listening to the conversation...

Gwen wiped away a bit of sweat that was beginning to accumulate on her forehead, and she started breathing a little heavier than normal. "Huh... that ride must have taken more out of me than I thought...:

The End

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