Roland: What?

"Let me get this straight," I said, cutting Derrick before he could reply to the strange man. "There is a prophecy that predicts the end of magic, a bunch of horrible monsters, and some crazy guy telling us a dragon told him that we have to help him fight them? Why should we even trust anything he says?"

"Roland," said Derrick," That "crazy guy" is Thomas."

"What?" I looked the guy up and down and realized that the man did look like Thomas, albeit way older. "What the... Last I saw you, you were younger than me!"

"I stepped through a rift in time."

Right. Like that helped with his credibility.

Thomas turned to the rest.

"The dragon was the one that sent us the visions. It was trying to warn us. We are supposed to defeat these creatures."

I sighed. How was I always getting sucked into these things? “Fine, but we cannot leave immediately. We have to get weapons and supplies for…” I counted. “…five people.”

Gwen frowned. “You forgot me.”

“He did not forget,” Alex said. “You are not going.”

“Gavin was also in the vision.” Thomas said.

“No thanks.” Gavin said.

“I agree,” I added. “He’ll be more of a liability than help.” These comments set off a whole round of arguments, each voice getting louder and louder.

“Enough!” Soren shouted. “Everyone in the vision is going. There is too much at stake to let petty grievances get in the way. But first we need to learn more about what we are up against.”

“Yeah,” I said to ‘Thomas’ and the tall guy next to him, pointing to a tall stack of books. “So start reading.”

The End

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