Thomas: Illusions?

While Paul and I are heading toward the writhing tentalic mass the silver dragon flies down and lands in the water in front of us.

"Hello." He speaks, rather cordially.

"Hello, dragon." I say, coldness seeping through my words.

"Did you like my illusions?"

This takes me aback, "What illusions?"

"The fiery machine, the dead body. Just illusions, shadows of greater and more powerful creatures."

"Aren't you the winged serpent with the quickened heart?" Paul asks.

The dragon stares at Paul then speaks, "No. I am not, but when you see it there will be no doubt that it is what it is." Then, the dragon redirects its attention on me. "You need to find friends, you alone cannot kill this beast, you alone cannot kill the Taniwha!" After saying this the dragon blew at us sending us flying through the trees and landing in a library with Derrick, Roland, and others.

"Damn Dragon!" I yell, clearly angry.

"What happened?" Derrick asked, surprised and purplexed at my sudden appearance.

And so, I told him everything that the dragon said and said I'd need their help to kill the Taniwha.

The End

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