Legends speak, but much is silent.

Derrick frantically searched the book of prophecies he held in his hand, muttering to himself the only words he could remember.  Gwen and Alex pored over another, and Roland was writing notes from two commentaries at a pace which frightened most scribes while Uther Elhawk searched a third book for signs of their shared vision, or signs of the prophcied end of magic.

"Do you think Thomas had the same one?" Gwen asked.

"Most likely." Uther replied. "Where is that paragraph?"

"Did you try chapter fifteen?" Derrick asked snidely.

Uther rolled his eyes. "Yes, Lord Keane, I did. Several times, in fact. But this happens to be a different book."

"Perhaps you should look farther ahead." Derrick continued, ignoring Uther's comment.

"I really don't see how your commentary helps-"

"Please don't fight." Gwen piped up as Alex turned the page in their book. "You'll lose concentration that way."

The two rivals sighed as they went back to their research.

"Roland, have you found anything?" Kathering entered with a tray of wine glasses, one filled with plain water for Gwen.

Still writing and reading, the guard trainer shook his head and grunted in frustration.

Katheirng sighed as she put cups down for them. "This is really work for the historians-"

"They'll take too long." Derrick interrupted.

"So because you were part of the visions-"

"We'll finish by tonight." he added, without looking up.

"Or right now!" Alex exclaimed. "Look for anything speaking of four beasts in succession."

"I've been doing that for the past two hours." Roland called without stopping his writing or reading. "Since I found something within these commentaries that went with what we have, I figured that it would fit. These commentaries are exhausting, though." he added, scrawling as often as he could.

"You didn't have to go out of your way." Gwen told Kathering as she took the cup.

"Well, there's not much activity in the infirmary right now." Kathering added with a smile. "What have you found?"

"Nothing the historians would put above a second-level prophecy." Gwen and Alex replied, nearly in unision.

Katheirng shrugged and sat down next to Roland. "Haven't you already found a prophecy?"

"Yes, but there are more then one. We're doing what we can with the references Derrick managed to get from Nox last night. This way we can be more prepared." Alex explained. "The more we know, the better."

"Do you think we're going in the right direction with this?" Uther wondered.

"Hopefully." Derrick said. "But I think I found something, too. What about you?"

"Nothing." the magic teacher informed him sharply. "Not a damn thing."

"I can help. My commentaries  give reference to your book, and Derrick's." Roland stood and went to look at Uther's book, taking it and flipping several pages. He then set it down and pointed to a drawing of an aquatic beast. "Does that ring a bell?"

They nodded in reply. Derrick shut his own book and went to look over Roland's shoulder. The title caught his eye, and he nearly laughed.

"The prophecy of the Gigas Bestias." he read aloud. "Could they have come up with a more ominous name?"

"Probably not." Uther snatched the book back from Roland, his eyes skimming the page. "It says here that there are four beasts of great power, and this water creature will come first. The Gigas Bestias will awaken because they are drawn to energy. A massive energy source, controlled by a long-living sorcer and his puppet, will cause them their awakening and, if they are not stopped, they will consume everything in their path related to energy.  It's the same as the one we found yesterday with a little more detail."

"A little?" Derrick took the book and looked at the writing and drawings. "This is fantastic. It's exactly what we need."

"Alright, so you found something." a voice called from the doorway. It was Soren. "Now will you please return to your duties, Derrick? The council's going to want to reprimand you for this."

"The council can go-"

"None of that." Soren scolded. "They've been lenient yesterday and today.  I can't cover for you forever, Keane. There have been happenings that require your attention. The others can research as much as they want, and they'll be fine without you."

"What happenings?" Derrick demanded, a sudden jolt of fear stabbing at his spine. Kiandra?

"It has nothing to do with your wife. It's the underground. The guardians are having some. . .problems."

Derrick sighed and grabbed his cloak. "I'll go."

The End

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