Nox: Outside the Academy

The hooded man limped as he moved away from the academy’s reach; soon he would be in the thriving streets of Vastrom, the small chit that had brought him out on such a sunny day now in ashes back in his room. He retraced this walk through images he kept on uncovering in his own memory, he had taken this route before but with a different master, the mage had been the author of his maze of a mind.

Nox had chosen the hood to blocking the sun rays, were it not for the clear instructions he would have not left the refuge of the academy. Today was turning out really interesting , Derrick's claims today were not knew, words were always written any fool who could read interpreted  them as he so wished,  master used to have his own version of the things he did. He had felt something too, none of the flash images Uther claimed to see, more like a split and emergence of energy so frightening, but that too could have an explanation. He had felt the same when master had him observe the eruptions of the Slev Mountain  that could explain it. Not some prophesy.  

He noticed some student magicians, a few mages dressed like ordinary folk but their energy radiated so brightly one could almost feel it. They knew about him almost everyone in the academy now did, they never talked to him but the looks said it all. He always heard the words " lab rat…a failed experiment.”

Later on he also noticed the distinct uniform of the guardians gracing the streets of Vastrom, he took a different direction. He would not want to end up in the famous young captain’s hands.

“Shove it…” the next thing he was hitting the ground, the pain shot along his arm.

“Hey you don’t go pushing people…” A woman said as she rushed to help him. The hood covering his head had opened, so fast, he pulled it back, hands shaking. The woman halted, gaping. She had seen his face.

“Sorry,” She said “they tend to be rough…pushing descent people about” The hands that had come to help him were frozen mid way.

“It’s okay I am fine miss” As he slowly got off his back.

“Are you unwell?"

Use your eyes  “My master needs my presence” He said. It seemed funny that she was the only one who seemed concerned while everyone else just passed only sparing a glace. “Thank you for…your concern”

“Come to the apothecary Pillg, he can…”

He got up and headed deeper into the busy centre, leaving her staring at him. In the small exchange with the woman he had noticed someone trying so hard to go unnoticed. Who could it be? Runtan? Orson or… no it couldn’t be him, maybe Uther? 

His tremors were at bay but kept sending ripples through his body. Slowly he removed his gloves and spread out his hands his fingers brushing against any bare spot; rough, smooth, sweaty, battered and occasionally tough muscles. As he kept on, his crooked form kept on rising, soon he was fully walking, more as a child among giants. Then abruptly he turned into alley, and began sprinting, he turned in to another, when he looked behind, he notice they were two men, where had the other come from. They must be using a tracking spell.

He continued sprinting until he was among the crowd, hood back up, his life force dwindled. But he was back among people; soon his fingers were drawing more energy. This time he meant to lose them.

The End

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