Thomas: Sheer Utter Destruction

Paul and I finally made it to the sea after a half-day's journey. We were tired, and not expecting the sight of a legion of dead bodies lying along the coast. At first, Paul was frantic trying to revive them, but there was no hope.

"Why?!" Paul wails, the only life in a sea of corpses. "Why?! What did these men do? They had a life, they had wives and children! Why were they meant to die?"

I walk over to the distraught healer and rub his back between the shoulders. There are no words for this, no sympathy can come close. But in the midst of this tragedy I feel a pull, slight but distinct.

"Do you feel that?"

This seems to snap him out of his raw sadness. "Feel what?" He says, his face stained with tears.

"That pull, I feel like it's coming from the ocean... and above us... and there's two more coming from inland."

"What do you mean?"

Then it happens again images run before my eyes and I see four beings that terrify me into maddness. A writhing mass of tentacles devouring people swimming off the coast of Valencia; a creature of machine and fire stomps around in the forest; a silver dragon flies around at supersonic speeds setting fire to villages and devouring people; lastly a decaying body with putrid stench absorbs magic and drains life out of people by eating their souls. Then I fall to the ground and Paul catches me. He starts healing me with water and thanks to his intervention I don't pass out.

"I had another vision." I gasp, lying on my back.

"So did- I mean, what was it?" Paul replied.

I told him about the vision and the creatures I saw. Then I looked out to the ocean.

"Right now, one of those monsters is on the seas attacking innocent people. Let's kill it!"

Paul widens his eyes, "What?"

"We have to protect the people!"

Paul rolls his eyes, "I'm following you, but only because I don't want you to get killed!"

Paul and I walk out onto the water, each of us having power over water and so being able to stand upon it. As we begin walking Paul creates a bow with the water and he creates an arrow and fires it, it goes through a tree not to far from us.

Then we both run across the water, me controlling the water and him with his bow and arrows, to kill the monster that's terrorizing the ocean.

The End

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