"So it's begun." Derrick said.

"What has begun, and..." Alex said, after walking into the room with Gwen in hand. Everyone turned to their arrival. Gavin glared at him, unhappy about his appearance.

"What are you doing here?" Gavin asked. "And whose the girl following you like a dog?"

Alex grabbed his eyepatch, ready to tear it off again. "Firstly, I'm here because I'm needed. As for the second question... careful who you address. She's my wife."

"I feel sorry for her, then." Gavin retorted.

"You don't really like me much, do you?"

"Oh, you think?"

"Now you two, settle down." Gwendolyn pleaded. Alex removed his hand from his eyepatch.

"Of course, dear."

"Oh, what a delicious rivalry I see before me." Snickers chuckled to himself as he walked past Gwendolyn. "Hopefully it will make the both of you better in both body and mind."

Gavin stared down at the talking bobcat, and blinked. "Did the bobcat just talk?"

"Why, yes, rogue of crimson. I am indeed capable of speech, and I am capable of such a feat because of the woman you so ungraciously insulted just a moment ago. But that is not the issue here... the prophecy has begun. And if you only have wits, then you have nothing... in the face of such a threat, wits are useless."

"Wait... how do you know of this?" Uther asked.

"Us bobcats hear things that you humans are incapable of hearing. The animals are also capable of knowing a disaster is about to strike... why do you think dogs bark when a threat approaches?"

"Still as cryptic as ever..." Gwen responded.

The End

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