"Oh. That is pretty important."

" Prophecy?" Gavin muttered catching Soren's attention who gave him quite a look before shaking his head. 

" You mind as well join us Roland." Derrick said as the rushed through the aisles of bookshelves. 

"I can't just leave him here to his own devices!" Roland said.

"Bring him along then!" Soren shouted back," he could prove useful."

"Right." Roland said sarcastically. 

"Hey don't judge a book by it's cover." Gavin retorted half heartedly. 

" I already read part of the book and I didn't like it."

"Ouch. Well I agree I didn't make the greatest first impressions but I am a man of action, and I like to skip over the little details of life because I hate wasting time." 

"Well then hurry up; Soren, and Derrick are quite aways ahead while you are babbling." 

"Okay okay!" Gavin said obviously beaten in this verbal battle. Hurrying after Soren and Derrick.  Gavin's mind wandered over to the words "prophecy." And , " mean the end of  magic as we know it.

"I see that you brought him along. Did you see his face in your vision as well?" The man spoke. Soren didn't dignify the man with a response.

"What do you mean vision?" Gavin asked  incredulously. 

" Earlier myself, Uther and a few others had a vision which had something to do with a explosion over the ocean a silver dragon and several faces one of them being yours, and yours Roland." Soren said. 

"Yes and then earlier this morning Nox, and I found a corresponding prophecy....." Derrick was saying until he was cut off by the man who Gavin Presumed to be Uther.

"And I found another one that mentioned the destruction of magic and its heroes."  Derrick gave him a cold hard glare.

"Yeah I heard that bit already, which you might be surprised to hear that I myself heard this before from the very man I was searching for. He told me that of four elemental beasts, or monsters if you will that will rise because of the arrival of another being. These four monsters would drain all of the magic from our world if they are not stopped." Gavin said. 

"Legends speak, but much is silent. All we know is a winged serpent with a quickened heart; a decaying body that devours magic; a fiery machine with cogwork working only by a dark enchantment."

"Yes that is a fairly accurate account of what we are facing." Uther said, " In response to this we need all four elemental Keepers and so far we only have three. The fourth one would be the keeper of Earth." 

"Well I wouldn't know I have met tons of earth mages. Its a great skill to have for farming you know?" 

" I wasn't asking you." Uther smirked. 

"Well regardless to the whereabouts of the fourth keeper, we cannot spend a whole lot of time deliberating about finding the fourth keeper. We must amass those who were in the vision and get some men out there to report what is happening on our shores. While were at it we have several teams search for the fourth keeper." Soren said authouritively. 

"Hang on are you asking me to put aside my duties to fight in a prophecized war-like conflict that could possibly not even be occuring at this very moment." Roland said. 

"There has been many unusual happenings Grey I'm sure you been made aware of them and it is why we are so short staffed when it comes to guardians. Also I' am very sure those happenings are very connected to the even that we had vision about."  Uther  was saying until a man barreled through the door behind him who looked scared and exhausted, " What is it!" Uther said nastily. 

" A report sir, Pelastor had me relay it here as soon as possible its from a captian from nightguard it reports :  Great waves crashed along our beaches as rotten corpses and skeletons rose from the deep. Our men fought valiantly but a machine of cog work and fire destroyed our wavering defenses. We retreated but were picked off by a great silver dragon picked most of us off. By next morn myself and survivors made it to saftey but we are sure that these forces will strike again." 

"So it's begun." Derrick said.

"What has begun, and......" The familiar irritating voice rolled across the room as a lady in tattered clothing entered accompanied by that man who Gavin least wanted to see at this particular moment.

The End

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