Gwen sat there, talking with Kathering about how life was going. "I know this may seem like a bit of a strange question... but your husband, Alex... what is he really like? Most people around here are actually a bit terrified of him..."

"Terrified? Of sweet little Alex?" Gwen asked, a bit confused. "He's over passionate is all... when he gets it into his mind to do something he sees it through to the very end... he wouldn't let anything bad happen to the people he cares about."

"Yes, but doesn't he sometimes scare you?" Kathering asked. "I mean, look at the power he has at his disposal... no mage here in the academy is capable of utilizing dark magic the way he can."

"That may be, but he didn't come about that power by choice." Gwen responded. "And while there are moments where he does indeed scare me, he is still Alex through and through... the same loveable, wise cracking, hopeless romantic that caught my attention two years ago."

"Yeah, that was a surprise to everyone in that ballroom. The way he just came up and kissed you like that." Kathering smiled, as did Gwendolyn. That was Snickers got up and stretched.

"Master Kahner has returned." Snickers stated flatly. As he said this, Alex strode in, looking a bit darker than usual for a moment, but then smiled from ear to ear.

"There's my favorite girl!" He said, walking over and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Not really. Got here just as we were finishing catching up." Kathering responded, and Alex smiled.

That was when Snickers meowed. "Pardon my interruption, but I believe Master Kahner and Mistress Eldrisha's presence is requested in the library? I do believe a good number of your friends are beginning to congregate there."

Gwen blinked. "How is it that you know that? You haven't left the room."

"You'd be surprised how talkative the mice are in this place. One just simply has to ask and they start blurting out everything they know." Snickers said this with a rather devious smile.

"I doubt I'll ever get used to that cat and his riddling talk. Be that as it may, shall we get going, Gwendolyn?" He extended his hand and smiled once again.

"Yes... everyone is waiting." She placed her hand in his and the two walked out, Snickers trailing behind.

Snickers, however, only shook his head. "It's such a shame such a wonderful sight of true love... will eventually be corrupted by the flames of jealousy and insanity."

Kathering stared after Snickers, his cryptic words making no sense... but Kathering knew it meant something... Snickers never said anything that wasn't worth saying...

The End

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