Nox: Puzzles

Nox woke up soaking in sweat, weak and trembling. He tried moving his legs but couldn’t feel them. He needed food! But how was he to get out of here when he couldn’t even move, he hated these puzzles.

He was no proficient in magic; his master had called him crude, sly and unpredictable. Nox relaxed feeling the basics coming naturally, how? he had no idea but knew this to be the first step. He relaxed and drew himself in-ward; he flowed with the energy within his body, trying to distribute it equal but ran out of it midway. He couldn’t dig any deeper into his life force. An idea chimed; unclear but still something.

Still stretched out on the floor, he spread out his sensors; it felt strange, like leaving your own body uninhabited. He felt tiny bits of life here and there, these life forces were too small, one could easily overlook. He needed to get out of this prison.  A rumbling echoed in his belly ending abruptly; he waited when no rumbling came, he spread out his sensors.

Then another rumbling followed by a tremor resonating through his body, he tried tightening his belly but the sound kept on.

He spread his sensors further ignoring the lesser life forces until he noticed something beyond the shelves, moving up and down, bigger. In fact more than just one, could it mean rats? In here; an idea crept in, it was worth a try.

Nox crawled back from his room, dragging himself on the rough floor. He moved under the table where he had collected the pile of books, and he lit the pile.

As they lit up so did the smile the rose across his face, it felt his rebellion this day getting worse.  With smoke curling up in the room, teary eyes; he waited as the table itself caught fire and was soon blazing. He looked at the energy with a thirst. If he got it wrong, his miserable existence ended here and he would be some dumb Librarian. Lost in his own mind.

 The fire blazed hungrily feeding on the books and table. Nox relaxed, freeing every thought until he found his first instinct, he forgot the rumbling, body tremors and the smoke.  Then it surged leaping for the fire; for the pure biomass. He drained it, for the fire’s hunger was no match for his.

The blinding pain as his muscles fed and stiffened. A noise escaped his lips as he felt the excruciating nourishment. He could not control it, for it overwhelmed his feeble body. Finally his urge dwindled. Slowly he got to his feet the body tremors halted, each step heavy and imposing. The small room was murky from the smoke and in its midst stood a new being, now was the time to end this puzzle.

“Nox” Heard a voice penetrating his mind. Who was this? Must be another one. Being able to address him in his mind was no easy feat, few were able to do that.

“I need your help”The voice vibrated within his walls. Starting this all over was trouble enough and he wouldn't want anyone slipping in accidentaly, his mind had already made victims of many.

“Hmm…”He tried to speak by only sound escaped his voice.

Finally he returned to his weak body. His sight cleared as the man in front of him became familiar,

"Oh, Derrick. I hear you became a lord after all. Congratulations." He said slowly adjusting his mind to his body. The man had such a strong pulse of energy. Really something, master had studied…

"Yeah, thanks. Pleasantries aside…” Derrick continued.

Right, you have no idea my lord. No idea. But of course he couldn’t say that, he was a simple librarian.

He never paid much attention to Derricks word, probably he needed a book like all the other or some secret…he froze. Had he heard the man right? Those words, they sounded familiar.

The End

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