Paul/Thomas: Awake in the Infirmary


I walk in and see my father lying, still asleep. I am grateful that he has wound up here and that I am the one to take care of him, to heal him.

About a year and a half ago I was wandering through the rugged remains of what was once Yokai. Now it is a smoldering pile of ash. That’s where Thomas died, saving us from a terror all too powerful.

When I ended up here in Valencia I was immediately found by a woman. When she found my power of healing she brought me to the castle, and had me work in the infirmary. Here I’ve been working for a year and half and then a trick of fate landed my father into one of our beds.

“Is the patient OK?” My supervisor, Kathering, asks as she walks in.

I nod, “Yeah, he’s doing fine.”

This seems to satisfy her as she leaves. I create water and run it over his body, healing him and taking out toxins. After about an hour of this steady, slow healing he shudders and his eyes open.



I awake to see a man who looks strikingly similar to me, but with yellow eyes, running water over me. My instinct was to attack, but quickly I gain my bearings and I realize that I was in a castle.

“Where am I?” I ask.

“You’re in the infirmary at the Magister Palace.”

“What happened?”

“We don’t really know: you fell to the ground; claimed you had a vision; and collapsed.”

“When did that happen?”

“About three days ago.”

This information shocks me and I pause for a moment, “Who are you?”

The man pauses for a moment, “Paul, my name is Paul.”

My mind begins whirring, my son is named Paul and he has yellow eyes too. I push the thought away, this man couldn’t be my son, because my son is safe in Yokai. The only way he’d be going through the rifts would be over my dead body. “I have a son by that name.”

Paul smiles, “So can you tell me about your vision?”

I’m taken aback by this for a moment; this is a sudden change of topic. “Well I was under the ocean and I saw a bunch of sea monsters, the guardians of water, swimming around this blue orb. Then suddenly the blue orb exploded and I saw this giant mushroom cloud in the water. Then, there was a silver dragon on the sea and it was waiting for someone or something. Then I saw a bunch of people pass before my eyes before the vision stopped.”

“Hmm,” Paul says, “I wonder if it’s the first Bestias Gigas?”

I narrow my eyes at him, “Bestias Gigas?”

“Literally translated it’s Beast Giant, but it’s a series of beasts that come one by one until the fateful arrival of the Devourer.” Paul frowns, “In legend there are four. One from the ocean representing water; one from a volcano representing fire; one from the realm of winds representing air; and one from the heart of the earth representing earth. Each are terrifying to behold.”

“Well, we certainly have our hands full.”

“So, you said that you saw a silver dragon by the sea?”

“Yeah, why?’

“We should go there. I’ll go with you and together we can head to the sea.”

I get up and Paul brings me to the armory. Here I find my robe and sword, I put them both on and we begin to leave the Magister Palace and head toward the sea.

The End

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