Imperative prophecy

"You have to have it in here. I remember studying it." Derrick said as he helped Nox search the shelves.

"Of course it's here." Nox replied, indignant. He was, for some reason, a sort of keeper and curator of the Academy by general concensus, and knew all the rooms well. "I've read everything in this building."

"Then why is it so hard to find-" Derrick gave a yelp of surpise as a hardcoverd codex dropped onto his foot, cursing as the pain spread. "This room's too damn small."

"A gentleman should not talk so corsely, milord." a mocking voice called from the doorway. "I belive that particular hard cover is the one you're looking for. Chapter fifteen, Words and Prophecies."

"You should put the volumes in their proper places, Master Elhawk." Nox said indifferently, picking up the heavy volume.

"I didn't know your magical limits, I'd accuse you of planning that." Derrick snapped, as Nox flipped through the codex.

"Forty-fifth page, Nox."  Uther Elhaw said as he approached, ignoring Derrick's comment. "What you will find is of very great interest to you, milord."

"What do you want, Elhawk?" Derrick asked, his finger running down the page in search of the words he had quoted earlier. "Your cooperation is unusual."

"What do I want?" Uther asked. "To merely be helpful. There's no harm in serving the winners once they have proved themselves, is there?"

"There is if someone's as shady as you are. Just tell me why you're-" Derrick paused as Elhawk pointed to a certain paragraph. "Tell me why you're being so useful."

"Isn't it obvious? When you have all figured it out, you will doubtless go off on another adventure. One which I will not fail to join you on. I can help the silent legends speak, if you will let me."

"Why?" Derrick demanded as he read the paragraph.

"Because not only do I want my name to be more well-known than yours, but I do not want to sit by while that happens!" Elhawk knocked the book out of Nox's hands. "Do you know how important the safety of this academy is, Keane? Those things will destroy any immediate threats, including us! Anyone as powerful as you should understand that upon reading those words."

"You do not have to resort to violence yet." Nox interjected as he glared at the mage.

"I heard the other day that things were starting to go awry, so I did some research on behalf of Lord Pelastor. Your time-transported friend, the two vagabonds with giant swords, the Command sorcerers. . .even Advisor Falcain plays a part in this! I would know, being the keeper of fire! I had a vision, too!"

"Keeper of. . . ? You're mad from the heat, you idiot! You can't be the keeper of fire!" Derrick exclaimed. "And what do you mean, researching for Jon? He's not so stupid as to resort to using you!"

"A king needs all kinds of allies." Elhawk retorted. "Besides,  you really think that I could always use lightning? Your precious forest witch wasn't the only victim! There were hundreds of people! I wouldn't be surprised if even he was one! No one knows where he came from!" he pointed a slender finger at Nox. "Do you have any idea how imperative the fulfillment of this prophecy is? You have but one keeper to find, so how will you do it, Keane? Tell me!"

"I don't even know what they're for! So four monsters might show up, that doesn't mean we can't beat them! It could be nothing. I just wanted to see it for myself." Derrick took a step towards the door. "It can't be possible."

"Did you finish reading it, then? Did you see what comes next?" Elhawk grabbed the heavy codex, opened it to the page they had been reading, and thrust it at Derrick, looking at him with fear-filled eyes. "Read it! You'll believe me then!"

Derrick, confused by Uthere Elhawk's show of real emotion. Perhaps he was desperate for a reason

As he read the paragraph, he heard himself gasp.

A wrath that could mean the eradication of Magic and it's Heroes.

The End

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