Alexander stared into Gavin's eyes, which simply said to him, "This is not over."

Alex merely smirked. He didn't immediately answer Soren's question, instead opting to walk where he left his eyepatch and put it back on. "To answer your question, Soren, I guess I could stick around. I was planning to just deliver my message and leave, but I guess Gwendolyn would like to spend some more time with you all... I wouldn't be much of a knight if I denied my lady her wishes."

Soren nodded. "I'm glad to hear that."

Gavin just glared at Alex, and Alex just smirked back. "And by the way, Soren, if someone can take a blast from my Dark Orb, then they are, in fact, WORTH MY TIME." He emphasized the last part of the sentenced, as if to say he saw potential in Gavin without saying it outright. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I better go back and see how Gwen is doing. I get nervous when I leave her alone for too long."

And with that, Alex walked back into the building.


Alex was walking down the corridor when he felt a familiar, yet unwelcome, presence. "Hello, brother."

Alex turned to face a young woman of about 19, with dark crimson hair and amber eyes. "Narissa... and what do I owe this unfortunate visit?"

"Haven't we buried the hatchet by now?" His sister asked him, grabbing him from behind, almost hugging him. "You know I only want what's best for you..."

"You mean you only want what's best for the family. I told father the same thing: I will not leave Gwendolyn's side, not ever."

Alex was about to open the door when Narissa slapped his hand and shoved him against the wall, a look of burning passion in her eyes. "It has nothing to do with father's wishes."

In that moment, Alex understood what she was getting at. "You need help." He responded, pushing her aside gently.

"That little witch isn't deserving of your love. She's a freak, and should be put down. Stay with me, brother, and I will love you more than she ever could." Alex turned around, a look of absolute fury in his emerald eye.


"Temper, temper. Oh, well. I'll be seeing you, big brother." Narissa scampered off, leaving Alex there trembling with rage.

The End

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