Escape, and The Black Knight

A little earlier

Roland left Gavin and the guards content with the thought that he had pulled Gavin down a peg. However Gavin had felt that in the near future that it would be Roland that will be left feeling like the fool.  From a hidden pocket Gavin produced a wooden capsule with a seal embroidered with an ancient rune.

"Hey!" One of the gaurds bellowed as Gavin ripped the seal off the capsule. In mere seconds a thick purple toxic smoke filled the cell. Gavin held his breath while the unsuspecting gaurds began to cough.  Gavin grabbed the bars which immediately turned into rusted dust. This was one of the effects of his innate elusive magic ability. With a couple quick hits to the guards heads Gavin took off to gather his confiscated equipment before heading to the city limits. His plan was to lure everyone out to perimeter of Vastrom so he could re-infiltrate and locate that magic academy Keane mentioned. There was a very good chance that Verug had visited the academy. He darted in and out of buildings evading the watchful gaze of the night guard while also gaining quite a lead on any of his pursuers but just to make sure he was in the clear Gavin glanced behind his shoulders. Seconds later Gavin then found himself soaring through the air to hit the hard cobblestone below with a hard Thud.

"You really should watch where you're running. There could be something dangerous in the way." A voice Gavin recognized the voice to belong to a certain Alexander Kahner also known as the Black Knight.


A little later

"I'm actually impressed... you're the first person to take that and not have his jaw broken."

"Yeah a lot of my opponents say the same thing." Gavin retorted firing off two arrows at one which Alex evaded flawlessly. Gavin had expected as much but also knew that Alex wouldn't expect what came next. Gavin was a man who hated to lose and knew his greatest weakness laid in the fact that his magical ability could not help him offensively. So he made up for this weakness in the art of enchanting runes and preparation if he ever faced a skilled mage, or magical opponent.  The arrows had been threaded with a thin wire which had managed to wrap itself around the unsuspecting Black Knight. He struggled for but a moment as a blue flash of lightning lit him up followed by the booming crack of thunder.

A pretty powerful parlour trick but Alex was relatively unharmed as he leapt forwards at Gavin at such a speed there was no time for him to block. A sword flashed through the air slicing Gavin's side. Blood spattered the ground as rushed footsteps dodged a multitude of strikes.  Gavin held his side as he ducked under another slash from the Black Knight, he quickly countered  as he kicked at the ankles to which Alex leapt away giving him the chance to draw his great sword again. Alex allowed him to get up perhaps out of honour, pity or underestimation. Gavin took the moment of mercy to regain his composure. This man definitely irritated him, and with every bone in his body resented his casual uncaring tone suggesting that Gavin was nothing in comparison, that no one could touch him. With a heavy breath Gavin vowed to prove Alex wrong. However his anger was a mistake the black knight had the advantage at the moment, he needed to find a way to get an opening from him but that was easier said than done.

"Are you just gonna stand there gasping?" Alex jeered," I would give up if I were you I'm still just getting started."

"Good because I'm gonna be taking things from here, and I wouldn't want this to get boring!" Gavin said pointed his blade fiercely at Alex. Sure he was bluffing a little but Gavin expected him to call the bluff though and hopefully act upon it by casting a vicious amount of spells to destroy him.

"Well that would be fine if this wasn't already boring." Alex mock yawned," I will finish this before another word escapes you lips." Alex charged again with more intensity however Gavin too raised his sword with an equal amount of intensity parrying off a score of slashes, fiegns and stabs from the Black Knight. Sparks filled the air as the two assailants fought with great skill and vigour. Gavin countered while Alex managed avoid and attack again.

"What was that about finishing this before another word escaped my lips?" Gavin said cockily slicing upwards and then across.

"What was that about taking things from here on out?" Alex retorted.

"Don't worry you think I have been doing nothing?" This caught Alex off guard, had Gavin actually been leading him into a trap? Or did he just have another parlour trick? Either way he did not have the magical potential to severely harm Alex. Gavin leapt back revealing the now glowing runes on his great sword.

"Now I think it’s time to show you what I'm capable of." Gavin said raising the blade above his head leaving him ridiculously open, however Alex did not take advantage of this opening.  Gavin gave a small smile he had managed to corner the Black Knight a little bit his blade would emit a powerful explosion if it came into contact with anything. he also bet that Alex would strike him with magic which would not work and leave him a great opportunity to strike him.

"Show me what?" Alex said before releasing a volley of black orbs at Gavin who charged at them totally unaffected as they bounced off him harmlessly. Alex a little bit surprised dodged Gavin's blade and darted away before it slammed through the ground causing a mighty shock wave to which the ground and surrounding building shook violently.

"I'm not sure how you can be unharmed by magic, but that won't matter because I will demonstrate the gap between us Red Ranger!" Alex said ferociously as his sword pointed at Gavin.  The air rapidly grew cold as the waves of air shot out from Alex. An odd feeling came over Gavin as this strange demonstration awoke the magic that hid deep inside him. Gavin's wound began to close rapidly as he started to look a little younger with each passing second. Time seemed to slow around him, however   even though time had slowed Gavin seemed more than capable of moving at normal speed as he raced towards Alex whose powers awakened his own.  He brought his great sword, but was then interrupted by the appearance of a red headed man that  hit both him and Alex with powerful spells.  Time began to speed up again for Gavin as he was hurled ten meters through the air.

"That's quite enough!" A strong voice echoed through the night," Alexander Kahner you are scaring the humble people of this city! Not to mention this man is not worthy of your wrath. He is but a petty thief actually not even that! As for you Gavin Theat had you even the slightest bit of patience would have found yourself a free man tomorrow after a quick court hearing! Nothing was reportedly stolen not to mention investigators found that no crucial papers were even viewed."  The man walked closer to Gavin revealing a pale handsome face that could easily be recognized as Soren Falcain, he grabbed Gavin near the neck before raising him to his feet," You will fully explain yourself in front of the council, as well as formerly apologize to the council for the behalf of the citizens of Vastro..." Soren stopped in mid-sentence as already pale face became even paler groaning ever so slightly in pain. 

"I told you not to accompany me. Roland said angrily," they told you, Thomas, and Gwen not to move, but you like him decided to throw patience to the dogs." He said picking the man up onto his feet.

"Well it’s hard to sit around all day while you have all the fun." Soren shot back now standing on his own two feet again," Now it does feel certainly foolish of me to ask this but will the two of you accompany me back to the palace. Peacefully." He added.

Although Gavin could see that this fierce man had been weakened by something, and it was possible to take advantage of this, he would still have to face Roland , and Alex which would be probably too much for Gavin to take at once. He also felt quite drained from the awakening of power from him just now even though there was no longer a trace of it left now. 

"I see no point in further rebellion." Gavin admitted tiredly," I will peacefully accompany you back to the palace, but if you dare cross you cross me I will be quick to take my words back."

"I give you my word as Pelastor’s advisor I will not cross you.  And you Alex will you join us?"

Alex did not immediately respond as his eyes met Gavin's both telling the other this fight was far from over.


The End

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