Vastrom Academy of Magic

The first thing that Derrick did the next morning was head to the Academy.

Everything was there. History of the kingdom, the old lords and even older types of magic and forbidden ceremonies. Hundreds of years worth of research done by many types of people, some even crazier then Arkham himself had been.

And after he had heard the futuristic Thomas's crazy vision, he needed confirmation of what he was guessing.

"Welcome, Lord Keane!"a boy of about thirteen called.

Derrick ignored the page on door duty that morning at he rushed in, stopping only to point to his horse and hope that the boy would take her to the nearby stables.

"Well, well." a familiar voice called as Derrick strided through the halls, searching desperately. "If it isn't the new Lord Keane. Come to take some lessons today?"

If Derrick could name the one person in the kingdom of Valencia who annoyed him the most, it would be Uther Elhawk, Light Magic extrodanaire.

"I don't have the time to listen to you lecture me on the benefits of losing to you once, Elhawk." Derrick snapped. "Go back to your students."

"They have the day off today, milord." Elhawk smirked. Each set of students hadone day off per week, and each day varied with the teachers.

"Well, go away then. I'm busy." Derrick amended, cursing inwardly as he failed to search using his peripherals. He needed to keep looking. Where was that library entrance!

"As you wish." Uther gave a mock bow, and Derrick abruptly turned and dashed down the nearest corridor.

There it was, as usual. The Library of Magic and Myths.

Derrick burst in, and found, as usual, one person among the small room crammed with scrolls and codex. With his brown skin and limp, he was unmistakable.

"Nox." he said, breathless. "I need your help."

"Hm?" the cripple turned around. "Oh, Derrick. I hear you became a lord after all. Congratulations."

"Yeah, thanks. Pleasantries aside, I need your help. There's been an. . . .incident, and I think it might be leading to something that'll be in this room." Derrick explained. "It might be  part of a prophecy. Can you help me find it?"

"What do you need me to find?" Nox asked.

Derrick took a deep breath and recited from memory what he could remember about the prophecy of a great woe that was to come upon the kingdom:

"Legends speak, but much is silent. All we know is a winged serpent with a quickened heart; a decaying body that devours magic; a fiery machine with cogwork working only by a dark enchantment."

The End

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