Red Ranger vs. Black Knight

Gwendolyn grabbed herself, and shivered. Alex looked at her, concerned. "You okay?"

"Yes... just... a sudden chill was all."

"Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better, but really, you should be back home, getting some rest." Alex almost seemed to be scolding Gwendolyn, but then he patted her on the head and smiled. "Oh well, can't do much about that now, huh?"

He gave her a kiss just as he heard the commotion coming from the cell block. "Ugh, why does this have to happen now? Honey, I'll be back in about... oh... let's say five minutes. That should be enough time to clean the clock of whoever decided to ruin an intimate moment."

"Just... don't do what you did last time... the poor man still can't eat right, even after all those mages tried healing his jaw."

"What can I say... when I make someone's jaw drop, it's quite literal."


Gavin had a good head start over Roland, and was just about to reach the exit when a man in black armor extended his leg and tripped him. "You really should watch where you're running. There could be something dangerous in the way." Alex said with a smile on his face.

Gavin found the Black Knight to be irritating. Everything about him, his joking, his laid back attitude, his almost overbearing pride... it made him want to vomit. "Get out of my way."

"Yeah... how about no?"

"You're really asking for it..."

"What am I asking for? Some tickle torture? What can you possibly do to me that a certain psychotic doctor mage hasn't already?" Alex asked, putting his hand over his eyepatch.

"I said, MOVE!" Gavin drew his greatsword and charged. Alex stood there and sighed.

"Fine... have it your way." Alex tore off his eyepatch and drew his own sword, blocking the strike with ease. Gavin however was caught off guard when he saw Alex's left eye.

It was gold and slitted, like that of a snake. Alex smirked. "What's wrong? Am I still just an eyesore to you, or are you finally beginning to understand... you have no chance to win here?"

"SHUT UP!" Gavin backed off quickly and charged again, aiming for the legs, but Alex just hopped over the arc of the swing and brought the pommel of his own sword down on Gavin's left shoulder.

"Come on... I'm just getting warmed up." Alex smirked again, a sight that really annoyed Gavin. He was so close to getting out... and the Black Knight was just PLAYING with him.

"Guess it's time to wrap this up, huh kid?" Alex asked, looking bored.

"Who are you calling a kid?" Gavin drew his bow and fired, Alex barely having enough time to react, but he dodged nonetheless and retaliated with a burning dark orb to the face... but Gavin hadn't been knocked out, or didn't even look injured, though he did get the wind knocked out of him.

"I'm actually impressed... you're the first person to take that and not have his jaw broken."

The End

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