The Cripple

Adjusting his sight to the familiar room, Nox inhaled the strange odor from it. In one night he had broken his master two sacred rules. How odd; that he felt thrilled at the thought. The spells used on this door had been weaker and he had drained all his strength breaking in. His stomach rumbled, with no other choice he limped towards the dark. He paused trying to adjust, the only light trailed behind him disclosing the once forbidden room. What if his master returned, would his punishment be worse?

After a few minutes of being still, his gaze rushed to the shelf full of strange looking objects. He felt the rumbling again. He had to think, fast. He limped towards a table covered with a ragged cloth. Nox hurriedly pulled it away only to reveal a pile of books. He felt himself tremble with a rage, these very books he had forcefully read, he shoved the pile away. Then he saw what made him hesitate, a small worn out book, master had always had this close to him. His tremors kept on threatening; slowly he moved next to the shelf and held on tightly as he regained his breath. Master where are you? He had no liking for his master but he had no choice.  With a book lightly held, Nox sagged to other shelves, turning anything that could be moved he needed to regain his strength.

With the room in disarray then did he see it, showing from a container. He pushed the chair off as he rushed for the container. With trembling hands he began stuffing the tough slices into his mouth as they mercilessly tore at his mouth. But this was about survival; he did not hesitate as he tasted blood in his mouth, believing what he was pushing into his mouth was actually bread.

Nox felt himself choking; instinctively he diverted energy to his hand as he groped for the small tin. He gulped the water as it slowly trickled down his throat. He felt his body react; slowly trying to appreciate it. It was bitter but still water or was it? He slowly turned the small tin. Labeled on the side in fading letters were the words dissolvent. No!

The heat built up; spreading across his chest, Nox bent trying to bring it all out but nothing came.  Sweat broke out all through his body; quickly he removed the small shirt. There had to be really water in–here, he started checking all the bottles, his sight was getting blurry as he read the labels on the bottles, each name more threatening, he had to find...his legs gave way.

“Master; are you sure?” the man radiating smaller life force asked.

“Have a little faith Runtan…this is…. “ Arkam waved his hand and there was a shimmering in the air as energy concentrated. He could see the two mages as masses of life force with a pulse at the centre. Arkam twisted his fingers, the pulse grew hungrier and the earlier concentration of energy rippled.  

‘’Is that mage Gilrox and …” Runtan asked.

“Patience, I had to record all this… for further study”

After a few minutes the concentration of energy dissipated.

“What have you created master…he finished them off like…”

“Yes…just make sure all your investigations point to those underground brats. Not here”

“Of course master…is that…him?”  

He felt Arkam move closer to him.”He is worth it”

The End

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