Roland: Gavin

"Okay, Mister I-am-not-a-thief. Start talking!"

Theat gave an irritating grin. "You can't keep me in here. I have done nothing wrong."

"Oh, and breaking into the city records, and attacking my trainees isn't something wrong?"

"I told you. I simply needed to find out about my friend. I didn't find what I needed, so I'll just be on my way."

I frowned. Was this guy serious? Did he really think that I would just let him go just like that? I couldn't show too much irritatrion though, because I could tell that this guy was enjoying pushing my buttons.

"How did you defeat my guards so easily?"

"Oh, those bumbling idiots were guards? I would never have thought that they actually had been trained."

This comment really ticked me because  not only were they my guards, I had been the one training them. For a moment I was considering opening the cell and attacking this guy. But reason stopped me. 

"Who are you?"

"Gavin Theat, hero and villain. Or as some call me, the Red Ranger."

"Red Ranger? Never heard of him. Can't be all that great if let an eighteen-year-old arrest him." I was satisfied to see Gavin get irritated for once. I turned to one of the guards on duty.

"Make sure he stays in that cell." I turned to Theat. "I hope you'll be in the mood to talk later, 'Red Ranger.'" Leaving the holding cells, I went back to my room and sat on my bed. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair was turning gray, just like everyone in my family. However, what I had told Gavin was true. I was only eighteen years old and I was already high up in the ranks. This really annoyed some of the guards with more senority and the like. It was hard to get the respect someone at least a decade younger than you.

And having so many people trust you like that, expecting your every mistake to put people in danger... It was crazy. When I was a thief I only had to think about myself, but not anymore. I thought of the guards in the infirmary. Maybe there was something more I should have done, but it was too late now. The best I could do was try and wheedle more info out of Gavin.

I stepped out of my room to get something to eat when I heard a commotion down the hall. Oh no. I ran back to the cell and found two of my guards groaning on the floor. The cell door was wide open.

"What happened?" I asked. Unfortunately, neither of them seemed to be in the position to talk. I closed my eyes and concentrated. Yes, I could feel the tracking spell I put on Gavin earlier. I walked out of the room, directing a healer there as I went. Stepping outside, I threw on a cloaking spell.

Gavin Theat was not getting away that easily.

The End

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