The Black Knight

Every one of the heroes of the war against the old Magister Lords were all given places of honor amongst the new government, but Gwendolyn Winterhaven refused to accept it. To her, this wasn't about power or gaining fame and glory, but doing the right thing. And so, after all was said and done, she went back to her little hut in the woods... with Alexander Kahner, child of Magister Cornelius Kahner, following her... sorta 'eloping' some might say.

Still, Gwen tried to maintain contact with her friends whenever she had the chance. But Snickers, who served as her messenger for the past two years, had up and vanished. So, Alexander headed towards the castle himself, leaving Gwen behind for now... she needed her rest. She seemed to be getting weaker every day, to tell the truth... he was a bit worried.

Alex took off his helmet and strolled in... only to see a fight progress. "HOLD ON!"

Everyone stopped and stared at him. "Ugh... what am I to do with you guys? I may not have fought in the Magister Wars, but for the love of god, this is not what I expected when I came in here."

"Sir Alexander Kahner..." Derrick addressed, but it was obvious his presence was sort of frowned upon, though he had gotten used to it.

"Anyway, and this one would be?" Alex asked, slightly intrigued by Gavin's presence.

"A thief-"

"My name is Gavin Theat... not that it matters to you." Was it just Alex, or did he seem more hostile towards Alex than anyone else in the room?

"Oh?" Alex responded. "I believe I have heard of you... the Red Ranger, if I recall correctly... more mercenary than thief."

"What would you know?"

"My name is Alexander Gerard Kahner," he responded, almost ignoring that question entirely. "Among the general population... I am known as the Black Knight. And I am here on Gwen's behalf... since that no account bobcat seems to have vanished."

"That explains why we haven't been receiving her letters..." Roland responded.

"How is Gwendolyn, by the way?"

Alex stared down... his silence unnerving. He then finally spoke up. "She's been taken ill recently."


Meanwhile, Gwen lay upon her bed, her fever getting worse each second. She placed a cold towel on her forehead and walked to the door as best she could (more hobbled) when she heard a series of scratches emanating from it.

She opened the door and in came Snickers. "Hey, there." Gwen said, exhausted and weak.

"My lady, you have seen better days."

"Indeed." She chuckled a bit, but it sort of hurt. "Where have you been?"

"Where have I been indeed..." Snickers responded, cryptic as usual. "Considering the length of my absence, I must have either been quite sidetracked or placed in a net... I regret to inform you 'twas the latter... but an unexpected rescue from an old friend allowed for a quick escape back here."

"Really?" Gwen asked. "From whom?"

"The one who cast himself into the sea."

Gwen's eyes widened. "Thomas?"

"Anybody else throw themselves into Oceanus's wet grasp?" Snickers asked.

"I need to go see him... I NEED TO SEE HIM."

"Not in your condition, young lady." Snickers batted at her with his paw, causing Gwen to back off. "You look like you are about ready to keel over and become one with the earth right now. I am afraid I can't allow you to leave."

"Then I guess I have no choice then..." Gwen hobbled over to the mirror and stared at her reflection.

"What are you up to, little miss?"

"Be well. Be well. Be well... I command you to be well!" Gwendolyn stared at her reflection, and suddenly she was standing upright and breathing normally. She looked down at Snickers and smiled.

"As always, still full of cleverness and wit." Snickers responded. Gwendolyn grabbed her tattered shawl and walked out.

"Lead me to Thomas, please."

"Follow me, young mistress Eldrisha."

"I told you once, I told you thousands of times... I am not an Eldrisha anymore."

The End

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