Gavin Theat

There wasn't much time the sounds of metal footsteps clanked outside against weathered cobblestone as a man dressed in a red cloak sifted through piles of records quickly. The man’s name was a Gavin Theat a man of mixed reputation one of heroism and the other of treachery, both he openly admitted to.  Gavin cursed to himself as he slammed another heap of papers to the floor.

"Nothing!" he said just as a bang at the door grabbed Gavin attention, his time of rifling through the papers was up.

"Open up in there!" A guardian barked. Gavin gave a smirk drawing a gleaming great sword from underneath the cloak.

"Just a second!" He replied giving himself a running start at the wooden door. With a powerful kick he propelled one of the guardians back five feet leaving his comrades startled from his swift and violent appearance.  With that Gavin swung his great sword violently forcing everyone back a step giving him the space he needed to jump onto one of the guardians shoulders up to the roof above, then sheathing his sword to draw less attention.

"Don't let him get away!" Growled the accosted guardian but it was to late as Gavin had made his way to another street and kept running but other guardians noticed Gavin's escape.  Gavin had no interest in a fight not here not against the gaurdians of Vastrom with their elite training magical combat, and normal combat. Gavin wouldn't call it being afraid as much as being out numbered and that common sense was telling him not to bring more attention to himself.  Behind him the guardians were giving warning to guardians up ahead to ready themselves for him.

"Dammit!" He cursed as he dropped onto his side to dodge a volley of capture spells.  He slid past the walls of guardians and charge forward. "Lord Keane!" A man called out behind him. 

Keane? Gavin thought, one of the renown heroes of the rebellion. Gavin looked over his shoulder to see confirm what he heard.  Then an arm grabbed Gavin bringing him to a halt as the Guardians swarmed around him.

"Roland?" The man said incredously. "What?" Gavin thought slowly reaching for a hidden dagger stored in his cloak.

"Der excuse me, lord Keane. Thank you for the assistance." The man who had been Addressed Roland said. Gavin looked to Keane a man who was described as a legend amongst many men along with his companions Jon Pelastor, Soren Falcain , both now prominent members of government,  Roland Grey, Gwendolyn Winterhaven and Thomas Aquos. Gavin being young and disbelieving of the tails told always wanted a crack at one of these men or women to see what they were really made of.

"No problem. Who is he and what did he take?" Keane said getting off his horse as Gavin reconsidered grabbing his concealed dagger.

"That's what we're going to find out." Roland replied.

"I never took anything!" Gavin protested.

"Then why were you running?" They both asked.

Gavin kept quiet for a minute as he considered what to say. The truth was an easy tale to tell but would not free him from his crime of breaking and entering as well as slightly unbelievable. Lying was unnecessary. Fighting was an amusing proposition that would give Gavin the opportunity to fight these legendary heroes’ head on! But that could potentially get him killed especially with all the guardians ready to back them up.

"Why?" Gavin said with a grin.

"Yes!" Roland said with a light tone of frustration.

" I was searching through the city records for a friend of mine who went missing. I owe him everything. Your city officials would not give me permission to view your records so I simply acted on my own free will. I Assure you nothing is stolen, search me if you will I have not stolen anything." Gavin received many raised eyebrows in response to his explanation.

"Is that so?" Keane asked.

"There was a tip off of a man breaking into the records room earlier." Roland said loosely.

"What is your Name, and who is this friend of yours?" Keane asked Gavin who responded with a cocky grin.

"Some call me the Red Ranger." Gavin was immediately interrupted by the mutterings of the guardians surround him.

"Pipe down!" Roland Ordered.

"My real name is Gavin Theat, and my dear friend went by the name Verug Twinslith a man who specialized in old artifacts, antiques, and histories of many civilizations. He disappeared about two years ago and I have been searching for him since."  There were no reactions to Gavins mentor Verug much to Gavin's disappointment. There was a long steady silence until Keane said.

"It's possible your friend may have visited the academy."

"Yes possible but I'm afraid he will have to answer for breaking and entering a facility run by the ministers." Roland broke in

"I will not be answering anything." Gavin said confidently," My crime is quite harmless and if you insist upon taking me I will resist."

"With what force?" A guardian snarled, " You have no magic!" While he raised a blade to which Roland tapped away giving the Guardian and unnapproving look. 

"As much as I would like to disagree my colleague is correct and as much as you believe your crime is 'harmless' but I'm sure something can be arranged but for a now we must ask you accompany us."

" I do not have time to spare." Gavin said sharply now clutching the concealed dagger within his cloak in his left hand.

"If you resist we cannot guarantee your survival."Roland warned.

" I can." Gavin retorted revealing the dagger while quickly placing a blow on Keanes arm forcing him to let go. With that a Guardian casted a fire ball which to his surprise simply surrounded and went around Gavin harmlessly crashing into a guardian behind Gavin.

With his right hand free he unsheathed his great sword repelling  a series of attacks with both weapons only to meet both Roland, and Keanes blades after subduing or incapacitating the underlings.

"You guys are good." He smiled while being forced to step away from the two dropping the dagger.  Gavin readied himself for a charge when a loud voice interrupted the fight.

"Hold On!"




The End

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