"It only makes sense" Rylnod commented. "The Paradox has a reputation. Thugs like Trendor aren't exactly unaware of the fact that people think they are doing wrong."

"Right" said Revel. "The Paradox does give warnings to its targets."

I let a sarcastic smile flit across my face. "I always thought the warnings were more for the killer's benefit than the victim's. I mean The killings are easy enough... imagine what they would be like if the victim didn't know we were coming. Too easy."

The other two looked at me for a moment, trying to figure out whether or not I was being serious. I walked ahead, alone for a moment, then the others turned and followed me.

I guess I was being a little serious. I mean it wasn't like the kills were hard but they were no walk in the park. I... we… were the best of the best. Your common pedestrian would find our tasks slightly more than difficult.

So. Waiter. First things first: I needed a waiter outfit.

I entered the ship and turned to left heading towards the kitchen. The others followed for the moment in case things went wrong. I'd rather have backup if the Paradox was going to try and wipe us out.

There was an old style double swinging doors. I pushed through one of them to find myself in a mostly empty kitchen.

"Excuse me Sir!" A lone waiter with an oriental accent, said rushing towards me. "There is a problem Sir! You should not be her-"

I reached out, wrapped my arms loosely around the mans neck, let him run past me, and then jerked hard snapping his neck.

"Problem Solved." I remarked.

I carried the corpse with me, stripped him of his clothes, his wallet, and other accouterments, then put them on my body. I was ready.

I slipped into the accent that the former waiter had used and turned to Rylnod.

"So Sir, what can I help you with?"

The End

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