From Bad To Worse...Mature

The lower deck was exactly as one would imagine. It was dark, with minimal furnishings and no windows. The lights were emitting an eerie glow from there postions on the wall and ceiling. The only entrance to the small ten meter by ten meter room was the stairs at the rooms opposite end. Some members of the Guild would use such a place to get information from tight lipped foes.

Revel stalked silently down the steps, which numbered eleven in total. Aeryk and Rylnod were already in a heated discussion. There was a flair behind the eyes of both men. As Revel stood there, he could for the first time, take in all the features of the two deadly assassins that stood feet from him.

Aeryk was tall and stood with a vigour that only a man that possessed power would have. His stance was almost alluring, like a venus fly trap luring its prey close enough, and then it would snap.

Rylnod held his shoulders back, the sign of a soldier. His black hair and midnight blue eyes were enough to pierce even the most worthy foes defences. His stance was less alluring then Aeryk's, but equally as dangerous.

The two men both looked up and watched carefully as Revel approached. His feet never seemed to leave the ground as he stepped silently towards them. The scar that carved its way down through his left eye made his face very distinguisable, but easy to remember and fear. He may have been a talkative men off the job, but even now, before the planning began, he was dead serious and both Rylnod and Aeryk half expected him to try and run them through with one of many assorted modern laser blades.

"Help us settle something Revel." It was Rylnod who had spoken. He continued without waiting for Revel to awknowledge his remark. "Should we go onto this cruise ship in a traditional assassin approach, or should we do this the proper way. Infiltrate as staff and guests." Aeryk sighed. He evidently did not agree with Rylnod. "Why would we put ourselves in the open like that?!? We do not even need to go on the ship. We have been told to blow it up when we are done. If we blow it up first, everyone dies, including Rayez Trendor and his executives." Revel seemed to turn into a human computer. He went into an anylitical state. "Blowing it up has some levels of risk. It has occured before that assassination attempts have failed because of this broad spectrum, it is better if someone put a bullet in his head with no room for error. I vote we infiltrate as guests and staff."

Rylnod let a grin creep across his face. And turned his gaze in Aeryk's direction. "I think you would be a good waiter.... I shall infiltrate as a guest. I will not be able to get a weapon in with me, or explosives to destroy the ship after. And that is where you, my favourite waiter will come in." Aeryk rolled his eyes. "You will need to smuggle in the explosives and arm them. Mr. Kindun, you will need to bring in the weapons and provide a route of escape. I have a bad feeling about this. It seems to easy for the three of us."

At the moment Rylnod stopped talking, the computers voice activated. "Blueprints for cruise ship available now." Revel opened the blueprints and the jaws of all three men were very close to dropping. The three men must have been thinking this is ironic.....

Aeryk was the first to speak. "I know they said cruise ship, but they never mentioned the fact that it was a heavily armoured private cruise ship....."

The End

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