The Dark MarauderMature

The ship had the dangerous shape of a predator it was dark coloured and every feature of the ship served a purpose. There was no extraneous crap, everything down the smallest of molecules had a purpose, and that purpose was speed, stealth, and attack.  Revel stepped aboard the ship with the other three, It had a little more then enough room for them all but at least it wasn't enough space for the three of them.  Revel headed to the cockpit immediately avoiding conversation with the others. He didn't like this one bit.  Something in his gut was telling him that this whole ship was wired, and bugged.  Paradox was going to monitor their every move , they were aware of their conversation in his apartment.  He sat down on a black chair that morphed a bit to make a best fit for his back.  The engines turned on causing the ship to quietly shutter. The other two sat behind the pilots ship awaiting to hear information of thier mission.

"Just a second." Revel mumbled Unlocking the computer systems.

"Automatic message will play in three seconds." A cool male computer voice said. They all stared up at the heads up display all asking the same question to what would be asked of them.  The screen started to display a three dimensional image of a planet labelled Kobols.  A voice of one of the mission commanders started a Narration.

" This is an outskirt planet Kobols. Recently Corporate thug Rayez Trendor a big time operator of conglomerates that privately supply medical supplies, and other such things outskirt planets like Kobols need to survive. Although on the outside his appearance may appear to be good but he also plays a dirty scheme bullying the inhabitants of these planets. He bullies around the government have a hefty sum of the tax money going him and and his company. None of it comes back to the people of Kobols. Not only that his men terrorize the people of Kobols at every opportunity. The galactic government hasn't bothered to do anything about the further list of crimes this man and his company has committed. Now your mission is to infiltrate a private cruise ship on its way to planet Kobols, all executive members will be aboard. As well as other members cashing in on this. Make sure that he and his board of executives are killed. Cripple the ship and destroy it.  Further information about the ship and its security systems are stored with your ships database. Make good use of your journey to devise a plan of action. Good luck."  The voice stopped and an image of a large rich looking cruise ship outfitted with a force field on the top deck for the observation deck.

The mission seemed to easy to Revel, almost as if it were a setup. It didn't sit right with him, but he knew that Turing down the mission might yield worse consequences. He looked to the other too, who held impenetrable poker faces. He wondered if they too felt uneasy, no they must have this seemed to much like a setup.

"I'll get the ship past atmo and plot our route. I meet you guys down on the lower deck afterwards." Revel said calmly turning back to the vast console of the Dark Marauder.   The two got up soundlessly not sharing a word , they too shared their suspicions about the ship, and eyes that were possibly watching them at the moment. The ship began to move as Revel gently played with the control console, easing it out of the landing bay.  All the while Revel gave his own ship the orders to cloak and tail The Dark Marauder.

The End

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