But Aren't we All Supposed to be FriendsMature

"Lovely bunch of people." Revel said with sarcasm in his voice, although he had to admit he had been in much worse company before.  He walked to the kitchen fixing himself up a simple meal. He thought about the conversation from earlier, Revel guessed the gist of how they would work together was the enemy of my enemy is my friend; but that was the problem. Shouldn't we all be friends for those who work in the Paradox? Once again he felt that he had not been paying enough attention to the politics within this organization. Did everyone distrust each other or were those two just really weird? Or was he to trusting; was he the weird one? 

"Whatever, I will do what's right in the end anyways." He mumbled to himself throwing his meal into some sort of futuristic cook device that had no visible controls on it.

As he sat there waiting patiently something sounded from one of the air vents. Something that sounded very much like a mistake made by a rookie assassin. Within a second a lazer round fired through the grate leaving a smoking hole, quiet high pitched whine sounded from Revel's pistol.

"I know you're there fight me face to face, or die like a worm. I could care less either way." He said smugly. For a few moments nothing happened, and just as he was about to make a move something that he didn't expect to happen well happened. A dark clothed assassin sprung out of the ventilation system with an impressive velocity missing Revel's lazily aimed shots by hair lengths. The rookie managed to find cover, and avoid death for the moment.

"An interesting choice." Revel mumbled carefully surveying the room while taking careful steps noticing that the rookie was smart enough to lay down some small explosives on the floor. Atleast he wasn't being underestimated here.  The sound of the glasses on the coffee table signified movement behind one of the couches. He fired three shots all missing his target but forcing the Assasin out in the open.  He fired once more but his target had managed to throw something knocking the gun out of his hand.'well played.' he thought,' but this is getting a little to lengthy for somone of your skill to occupy me.'  A lazer knife darted out from the darkness to which Revel managed to grab out of mid air, and toss it back hitting the killer just above the heart.

"Dammit!" He cursed he didn't have any intentions of killing this one until he got the information he wanted. He grabbed the the Assassin by the his Torso.  It was to late though, the man had stopped breathing, but not to much to Revel's surprise the wound that he delivered was not what killed him. It was a device that would sense near death wounds and explode in the brain turning all potential information into just bio matter.  Although Revel's blow would have killed the man quickly not as quickly as this. Revel searched for a marking on the assassin wondering if this assaying  worked for the Paradox.  With the time given he could find any evidence revealing anything about this man other than the obvious fact he was here to kill him, and he was a trained assassin.  

"Great now I have a dead body here!" He said annoyed," A useless one at that! Maybe I will just take ya to the higher ups. How would you like that?" He threatened the corpse. Revel doubted the corpse would care what would be done. Walking away scratching the back of his head, Revel suddenly realized that perhaps he wasn't the only one who had been attacked.  Maybe Aeryk or Rynold had been attacked too. He had no means of contacting them, and if he went to investigate if they did that wouldn't help matters either.

"Man this is messed up. But the choice is obvious, I'm going to act like they expect me too, but all the while... I will do what I can to get to the bottom of this." Revel said to himself, walking over to a coms device to contact his higher ups about the corpes in the room.

The End

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