... Is My FriendMature

Step one in an emergency. Organise an escape route in case things go belly up.

I appeared back in my quarters not more then three minutes after the interesting meeting with my fellow assassins. I glided across the main hall of the apartment. My clock, that rested on a single lone table in the rooms centre, caught my attention. The alarm was turned off. I left it on…

I scanned the entire room. The hall was generally empty. The table, the kitchen entrance, it was all normal. Then I noticed it. A minute fragment of a boot print beside my ventilation system. I shook my head. A low rank obviously. I lowered my head and raised the collar of my coat so it covered my mouth and nose. A gas began to seep out when I bent down to examine the vent. A visible gas. Odd…

It was visible, that meant I had time. Sprinting into my room I punched the code into my collection of books. The wall spun around in rapid succession. Three bags to choose from. Two were decoys. I grabbed the top one.

I ran with a full on sprint toward the hall. The gas was now bordering onto my bedroom. I gave a burst of speed and lowered my knees, then I proceeded to slide across the room on them.

I was not going to use the front door. Whoever planted this trap would be watching it.

I pulled the second key from the left that hung on the wall. A small panel removed from the floor.

I dived down into it. The secret entrance just sealed by the time the fiery explosion erupted overhead.

And now officially, I would be announced as dead. Pity, I enjoyed listening to the alarm on that clock....


I looked at my watch, then I glanced up from the shadow covered alleyway, and whispered. “Activate”. The watch let out a soft whistle before a hologram of a man appeared. “Sir?” I looked at the little man and whispered. “Locate : Aeryk / Revel Kindun.”

The watch buzzed for a moment. I felt a slight sting and then the little man said; “Locations added to mental map”. I grinned. Time to see if I was the only one in a little trouble….

The End

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