Enemy of my enemyMature

"Well..." I began, "Something needs to be done. I have noticed that the uprisings are occurring more frequently but the news about the low-levels is disturbing. Did your friend mention why they have started to disappear?"

"No." Revel replied.I paused for a moment to put together a plan of action and collect my thoughts, then I carefully divulged my thoughts.

"We should investigate. If something is happening to the other members of the Paradox then we should take up the responsibility to find out what has been happening to them. Have they been simply overwhelmed by their targets? Has a resistance group formed to take us on? Or... are they being taken out from the inside?"

I noticed the way that the other two tensed when I said the word "we." I didn't blame them. In the Nebula Paradox you fly solo unless you are assigned to a group. Working together could call unwanted attention to the three of us.

However, we had to join up. This was too big and had the possibility to be too sinister for one person to handle alone... no matter how skilled they were.

"Are you saying that we should work together? That idea should be pursued with caution" said Rylnod, mirroring my own thoughts. I opened my mouth to reply, but Revel beat me to it.

"We don't have much of a choice. I know that none of us are comfortable with that... I'm certainly not. Yes it draws attention to us, but it makes us stronger. Three trained Paradox assassins won't even be approached easily, much less defeated. We have to unite or we will die, along with our suspicions."

I nodded in agreement and I could see that while Rylnod wasn't happy, he too saw the sense behind this plan.

"So are we allies then?" he asked.

"I wouldn't go so far as allies yet. You will have to prove yourself to me, as I will prove myself to you. For now we are enemies of each others enemies." I told him.

"So what does that mean then?" Rylnod asked as the three of us stood up and prepared to leave.

I grinned, "It means that I won't go out of my way to kill you."

"Fair enough."

"Do we all understand what we are getting ourselves into?" Revel asked. I said nothing but gave a slight nod, Rylnod also shook his head in an affirmation.

"Good. Let's keep our eyes and ears peeled. Keep in contact and stay alive."

None of us knew the contact frequencies of each others ships, but there was the tacit knowledge that we were each capable of finding out.

Discreetly of course.

The End

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