Odd HappeningsMature

"Pleasant guy." Revel said before continuing," I'm not all that sure what exactly is going on around here. When I was talking to my friend he made a reference to a mission I messed up...... Purposely. The mission wasn't following the code in my opinion. Anyways, I pressed further but he refused to talk then, and said to meet at Kim's where he didn't relay anything, and told me to watch my back. He did say a lot of our lower ranked assassins are disappearing, and we know its not because they suck. We train the best of the best. Ands it's strange lately  that our missions don't seem to be impacting the corruption that’s going on. This rebellion only seems to get worse.  Like I said earlier, you two came here for a similar reason. Curiosity, you both have been noticing the strangest things going on. Haven't you." Revel said keeping a calm but serious tone.  He Gave Aeryk, and Rylnod analytical looks. 

It was easy to tell the both of them were high ranked assasin's, ones that you couldn't read. Ones that should be feared, they were cool headed, were Revel had a quality of level headedness mixed with hot hotheadedness. He was predictable, but that benefited Revel in most cases.

"Well?" Revel asked the two treating them like equals," For all he knew they were higher ranked than him. If they got offended then it would turn out to be an interesting, if not and they had thier own stories to tell then maybe he could piece the story together.  If not why had he trusted these two?  Maybe they were trying to get Naxellian?  Well they hadn't struck yet, and any good assassin  would know killing an assassin right away is far easier then taking your time.  These guys could have killed a few times by now if that was indeed their goal. But maybe they needed some sort of conformation before they went ahead with it? Feeling stupid, Revel discretely readied himself for an attack or a preemptive strike.

"Well...." Began on of the others.

The End

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