Watch Where I'm Going...Mature

I made it back to my plane and took off, heading for old earth. The rest of the flight was uneventful and I arrived at the base. As I stepped out of my ship the docks grew much quieter as they always did when I was around. I kept walking, basking in the looks of fear and wonder. People learned quickly here. If something wasn't forbidden in the code it was alright to do, but if you got caught doing it then you were liable to get killed. After my first week of working here people stopped trying to mug me. Those who tried had a low life-expectancy rate.

I was just clearing the edge of the dock when someone bumbped into me.

"You better watch where I'm going." I said quietly. The man looked at me, recognition flooding his face, and he turned without another word. I watched him go and although he was good at hiding it, he was following another member.

Whatever was going on there, it had the possibility of being interesting. I began to tail the man and watched as followed his prey up to the doors of tall building. Then he made his move. His victim was ready for him. He spun, weapon raised and fired two shots at the man following him. As he spun, the black haired pursuer removed his own weapon but did not fire.

The other man, who had a scar running down his face, sensed that he was not in any present danger and made no move to attack either.

"I want to talk with you." The black haired man said.

"About what?"

"What I heard you discussing in the bar... with your friend..."

The scar-faced man was silent a moment. His eye flicked over in my direction. He looked at his opponent and nodded once. I had been spotted.

I ducked and rolled as they opened fire. I leapt up grabbing hold of a window sill. I pushed off back-flipping as I did so and landed behind the two men. They turned at fired at me... it was a useless gesture. I raised my arms and deflected the bullets with my bracers. The men stopped firing after a moment and one of them said,

"How the hell did you do that? Are you Wonder Woman or something?"

I just looked at him and said nothing.

"You know..." the man said, keeping an even tone, "She had those magic bracelets that could deflect stuff...whatever... I'm wasting time. You want to be in on this conversation as well I'm assuming... otherwise we'd either be dead, or you wouldn't be here."

I nodded.

"Talkative fellow aren't you. Alright. Follow me."

Scar-face led me and the other guy into his apartment. We took seats and he offered us some drinks. I declined. Being drunk and being a killer don't mix very well.

He sat down, looked at each of us for a second, then started the conversation.

"I'm Revel. Today I found out some troubling news from a friend. The fact that you two picked up on it, means that others might have as well... and that means my friend could be dead at this moment. Before I go any further though let's get introduced so I don't have to think up some ridiculous nickname for you two."

"I'm Rylnod." The black haired man said.

They both looked at me expectantly. I hesitated. I had never told anyone who wasn't about to die my real name.

"I'm... Aeryk." I said cautiously. "Congratulations on being the only two alive who know. If you two pass that name on to anyone... you will die."

There was silence for a moment.

"Pleasant guy." Revel remarked, and the conversation continued.

The End

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