Let the Game BeginMature

Communication through words was generally, pointless. If a man was in your home, work place, street or behind you in a dark alley. Wearing a pitch black trench coat, and the shadows concelling the assailants face, the physical message was obvious. And generally, fear took control of the "innocent".

I made sure the fear did not last long. Screaming was a major no-no. An assassin can tell instantly.... Scratch that. A good assassin can tell instantly if a victim is going to scream. I make sure that screaming can never occur.




I always basked in the silence of my home. The guild was to loud. It gave me a headache. But in my home, I could just lie there, still. With silence as my companion.

But unfortunitly, I had to go to the markets. I was out of tea. I shuddered. If there is one thing I hate, it is socialising. But if there is one thing I love, it is tea....

As I crossed the square, I decided to go into the café. Unless my eyes deceived me, it was called Kim's.

I walked toward the middle table. And sat down. Two men walked furiously towards the one exit. The second one, he had a scar running across his left eye, was shouting after the first.

Scratch the tea. My interest has been aroused.

I arose, without making a sound. And I stalked toward the exit. Once there I could see the man who was shouting, he was wearing civilian clothes, but I could tell by the way he held himself, that he felt he was more than just a normal man.

I vanished into the shadows. And stalked the man. I had no intention of dealing physical harm, but I needed to know what that conversation was about.

It was time for a bit of fun. I began making owl noises. He turned and began looking into the shadows. I couldn't help but smile.

Let the game begin.


The End

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