A Strange MeetingMature

HQ was always busy filled with assassins or other workers racing up and down the halls, but to Revel it was like home, a place were he felt safe despite all the weapon getting carried around, and the hardened faces of his comrades. 

"I heard you just landed." Naxellian's voice came though a small com device on his wrist.

"Yeah, you owe me some money. I loaded the  video to your network so you can make sure I didn't cheat. "


"Hey I thought you were gonna leave a message at my place, whats with call?"

"change of plans..... Meet me at Kim's cafe in an hour."

"Why that old shit hole? how about my place." Revel said with a tone of disgust. 

"Just meet me at Kim's." Naxellian said with annoyance.

"Alright, alright see you there."  He said with a little bit of Concern, it seemed like good Naxellian was trying to hide something, but why would he have to hide anything from Nebula paradox?  Maybe Nebula had something to do with all the Insurrections going around. 

"Guess I'll have to wait." He said to himself making his way to his place before heading to Kim's cafe.


 Revel walked dressed like a casual citizen at citizen cafe. Well it wasn't exactly the most peaceful cafe in the galactic territories, but it wasn't associated with Nebula paradox so Revel considered it civilian. Now Kim's cafe was a grimy place, with girls trying to make a business outside of the business, men looking to pay for such a service, and some other shady characters. No one came here for the food and if they did they must have had their taste bud removed, and be at least half blind with no sense of smell.  If there was any place that Revel truly felt disgusted was Kim's cafe.

"Over here!" He heard Naxellian from the corner over the usual noise that filled this cafe.

Revel quickly made his way over hoping breathing through his mouth would stop him from smelling this hell hole," So what did you want to talk about, and why exactly here?" Revel asked getting straight to the point, he had no intention in staying long. Naxellian looked around the cafe carefully.

" I don't have much time to tell you everything, but I would be keeping an eye out for yourself. A lot of the lower ranks, are disappearing. Quicker than usual, and we have a good training program we know it works. Revel...." He paused looking over his shoulder than looking at the computer console on his watch, he looked very anxious as he did this.


"Dammnit.  Look after yourself okay, and don't trust anyone, even me."

"What are you going on about?" Revel asked as Naxellian stood.

"I have to go. Its been nice seeing you." Naxellian said making a B-line for the door.

"Wait up!" Revel said following after him, but Naxellian was already gone.

"What the freakin hell is going on? What is up with Nax?" Revel said to himself. What is going inside of Nebula.

The End

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