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I hated waiting for another job. I rarely socialized so the downtime in between was rather boring. The highlights were ofte-

"Disturbance detected on Dispina. Do you wish to engage?" My ship's automated computer was programmed to let me know of any conflicts on nearby planets. Those were what I filled my time with. My on-board computer was linked into my wrist-computer. Both of which were tuned into my office on Old Earth. When a new job was sent in I would be notified. For now, I would purvey death to those weak enough to submit to it.

That was pretty much everyone I met.

My ship touched down close enough to the fighting that I was able to hear the dying screams of men, and the discharging of energy weapons. I made sure that my equipment was tuned, and accurate, I didn't need to die today. I looked at my reflection in the dura-glass which made up my viewport. Nothing was visible. Good.
No one has ever seen my face. Well… no one has ever lived longer than a few seconds if they have. But then again, I think of myself as a Rorschach kinda guy. You know, Rorschach, from Watchmen? It's a classic. My mask is my "face." Likewise, my face is my mask. I don't want anyone to see my mask until I'm ready to use it. If people knew what it looked like… that would defeat the purpose of having it, would it not?

I exited my craft, and unslung my sniper rifle. My rifle had some… special modifications. In addition to having many different types of special rounds, including incendiaries and explosives, it also had the capability to fire as fast a sub-machine gun and stay deadly accurate. There was also a spring loaded laser-edged bayonet that I could extend and retract with the pull of a second trigger.
I began to sprint through the underbrush, ducking tree limbs and vaulting over logs. A man jumped out from behind a tree and locked on my head.

I was faster. Aiming was about the only thing he was able to do, before I put a bullet through his body and the tree trunk behind him. I kept running, firing a shot every now and then until my clip was expended. I stopped and twisted, releasing my bayonet as I did so and cut the man who was following me in half. I took a moment to reload. By now the fighting had all but stopped. Word had gotten around that I was here. People recognized me, by not recognizing me. That and the fact that they recognized me for about a second before I killed. There was no more uprising, it was now a game of cat and mouse, and make no mistake.

I was still the cat.

I came to a grove of sorts and that's where they decided to try and ambush me. I smiled, but they wouldn't have been able to tell. I looked around me, they had 10 people. The ones who were raising range weapons were the first to drop. The remaining 6 closed in on me. Shinngg Out came the bayonet, I threw the gun at the lead man and he was not only killed instantly but he was thrown back a few feet from the force. With a flex of my wrist, two blades sprung out from my sleeves, attached to bracers on my arm. A second man decide to try his luck and swung down at me. I lifted my arm and let his strike bounce off the bracer, designed to negate energy edged weapons and deflect metal ones. I let him look at me with fear and shock.

And then I cut his throat.

I leapt at the third and fourth men, one lost a hand and ran. The other lost his guts, and fell holding his stomach. I picked up his knife where he had dropped it and flung at his counterpart who was running for his life. He didn't run fast enough. I calmly strolled over to where my gun lay protruding from the first man's chest. A song came to mind "All the other kids with their pumped out kicks better run better run, faster than my gun." That was a classic, but one of my favorites. Men numbers five and six did not run faster than my gun.

Sucks to be them.

The End

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