The First Step HomeMature

Rylnod almost managed a laugh when he strolled by the Galactic Church, on his way to his transport. Gods, an ever lasting joke.... He thought.

His black cloak reached as low as his his ankles. Simple and stylish. His weapons conceled easily. The assassin glided through the busy market district of Europa's main city Athenas. He glanced into the eyes of strangers, he could sense there inferiority. They would not remember him as he passed through the crowds like a ghost, but they would remember the fact, that they were powerless....

And then he was there, the guilds private docking port. For obvious reasons, it was not called "The Nebula Paradox's Private Docking Zone". The ownership of the docks was filtered through, at least, several companies controlled by the Guild.

Then Rylnods eyes landed on his ship. It was crafted in the shape of a traditional pen, one that could have been found in the 21st centuary. It was a metallic black, with a slick blood red smeared across the front quarter of the ship. It had enough cabins too house eleven guests.

The inside was somewhat antique looking. Just as Rylnod liked it. It could have been mistaken for a 19th centuary home, if one did not notice the buttons on the wall, that when pressed, slid back the panals on the walls to reveal the more modern computer system.

Rylnod entered the the ship. The computer echoed throughout the halls. "Welcome Rylnod Taonn, Icarus welcomes you."

Rylnod nodded. And whispered. "Home". The ship buzzed into life and hovered gently into the atmosphere around Europa.

The hidden base behind the falls awaited. So did an unpredictable surprise for Rylnod Taonn.

The End

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