On the way to HQMature

Revel made his way up the ship, it wasn't that big but it had enough space for atleast four to be happy in for a long journey. Rarely was that the case though, most missions were solo. Especially if you were equally as skilled as Revel.

"Breaking atmo now." The computer notified him.

"Good to know, Computer do we have enough fuel to return to HQ?"

"More then enough to reach the outer reaches of human galactic territory." It replied.

"I'm not interested in going there. Set course for HQ." He said a tad bit annoyed.

"Plotting course. Do you plan on driving any areas manually?"

"No, but if there is something interesting on the way there notify me, and I probably will." He replied sitting at the table grabbing a strange cylindrical device that divided into five  levels twirling around and spiralling upwards, and started to glowing blue.  It was apparently the Galaxy's hardest puzzle yet. Revel Grinned a cocky grin," Computer patch me in with Naxellian."

"One moment." There was a long pause before the computer before the computer provided an image of a cleanly shaven man that must have been in his early 50's he had a scar running across his face, and one of his eyes was completely robotic," Hey Kindun already done?"

"Phh yeah, this one could have been resolved by rank ten assassin all though I will note nowhere no where near as quick."

"Oh are you getting easy missions now, maybe your standards have dropped?"He chuckled, this hit a Nerve with Revel who remained calm but annoyed.

"Oh very funny Nax.  You only wish, I bet that cozy desk job has made you forget what its like back on the field." In turn this seemed to annoy Naxellian, but Revel didn't give him a chance to respond," To be honest I think they are keeping me on missions I can't get up to something, because of mission TI-48."

"Well yeah of course they are. You can't just go around doing as you please Revel your skilled undoubtedly but that doesn't give you any special privileges. Still I think your well within your bounds, and stuck to the code. Hey listen Revel I have something to talk to you about when you get back here."

"We can talk now."

"No...... I have something to get done. I will leave a message at your residence, and we'll talk then. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?"

"Yeah I wanted to bet you some good amount of change I can get this spyral puzzle to aline with its current colour within three hours."

"How much?" Naxellian

"3 thou?"

"Your on! That the hardest puzzle out there three hours is a bit cocky even for you." Naxellian said.

"I don't think so, I will get the computer to film me so you know I didn't cheat. So you in a day Naxel." Revel said.

"Yeah....See ya."


2 hours and 50 minutes later

"Ten minutes! almost done!" Revel said sweating hard, he had most of the discs in place, half of them blue the other half various colours, and a couple were flashing. Puzzles were something that Revel had played with since he had become an apprentice underneath Naxellian Financo who was a legend in his own way back in the day. Revel however then was thought puzzles were stupid back then, because he couldn't solve him. Revel smiled, back then he was such a spoiled brat back then.  Over time like his master had found joy in solving these puzzles, in a way it was like a mission. You shouldn't get over emotional about them, and when you put deadlines, and consequences to not getting the deadline it makes it far more challenging.  Both him and Naxellian viewed the puzzles as good mental training for their job, and problem solving.

"Five minutes." The computer chimed.

"I know."

As the time ticked forwards Revel got closer, and closer to completely solving the puzzle. The it was almost all blue now. three minutes. two minutes.

"Done! With one minute to spare. Ha! 3 thou up. Take that!"

" Planet Kavaria has openly reported a civil Uprising. Lead by an unidentifiable people. The galactic government is already collapsing because of brutal force from rebel side." The computer reported," Do you wish to drop by?" 

"No." Revel said this was becoming a regular occurrence. Revel had heard rumours of what was going on, but no one had a true answer to what was behind this uprising that had hit a total of 50 planets now. Sometimes though he felt like the only ones capable of doing this was the Nebula Paradox. But he found it hard to believe any of the higher ups would lay down the code.

The End

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