The closest call yetMature

I'm not going to waste time telling about my past, about my routine, my schedule. It doesn't matter to me, it won't matter to you. All that matters is The Code, and the paycheck that I receive for following it. If you haven't figured it out by now, I keep to myself. In my book, friends equal loose ends. I have made up my mind never to say anything about the people who trust me with their secrets, but how can I be sure they will do the same?

That's why I don't have friends. I don't want them. I don't need them. If you doubt that, then put an ad in the newspaper. Name your place, time, and weapon of choice. If you are smart you have already figured some things out about me. If you aren't smart... don't expect me to tell you what missed. This is a one time deal.

#1: I am confident in my ability to kill you.

#2: I read the newspaper.

#3: The fact that I'm telling you this means that it's not important. If it was I wouldn't allow you to know it.

I'm a very unexciting assassin compared to some. I like to take out my targets from far away. I don;t like to get up close. To Get close to the target is to be cocky. Being cocky gets you killed. I'll leave you smart ones to figure out what that says about me, seeing as I'm still alive.

I'm not cocky. I'm methodical. That's why people fear me. If you expect me to get close to you, you can surround yourself with bodyguards, set traps, try and catch me. You can predict what I'm going to do. When I kill you from far away... you don;t know what I'm going to do. I don't engage in the bullshit that other assassins take pleasure in.

I just do my job.

That's what I'm doing right now. I'm waiting for the target to appear. I don't need a scope. I load a "cleanser" round into the chamber. Just one, because I only need one shot. A cleanser explodes, wiping out everything in a 10 foot radius. It leaves no trace. I see the target. The owner of a corporation which kills baby seal... among other things. I raise my gun and I fire. The bullet rips through his chest and explodes.

He almost started to look in my direction. That's the closest call yet.

The End

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