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Revel sat in a fine black swivel chair calmly putting his legs up and loosely aiming a pistol at the entrance of an obsidian office. Which had 20 meters of hall leading up to the small desk he currently sat in. The office was usually flawlessly cleaned but today it was littered with five or six bodies all slumped all around the office. This was not Revel's office, no this was his target's office who should be here any minute. As he waited he took notice of how comfortable his bum was on this high quality swivel chair.

"Must be fine leather from Ostera, I bet its even got the custom membrane, very fine, but I think the money would have been better spent on security." He muttered to himself, already getting bored of waiting.

Revel was an assassin unlike any other, well that’s what he thought anyways. He loved his job, he felt thought he was doing a great thing for the people of this galactic government. See the Nebula paradox worked on the people's side, they killed in the name of the people and protected them. Every politician had an agenda, especially in this day, and age. Not all of his jobs were about kill politicians either sometimes it was members of a corporation, like Domatech which was the name of the company that brought Revel here today, sitting in its current CEO's chair.

Domatech in the last few months had its arse covered up because of an 'accident' that occurred on a planet which was currently being teraformed. According to the the cover up story one of the teraforming machines fusion cores had melted down and exploded. Well his contractors had found good evidence that that Domatech's teraform work stations, working conditions sucked. So Domatech's employees were organizing a strike. Domatech did the math and figured that killing them off in a 'tragic accident' cost less on their reputation, wallets, and future. Well they were wrong because Revel had just about eliminated every corrupt businessman that made those decisions, within the last hour. The entrance door slid open revealing a fat balding man of 55. Revel shot him immediately.

A muffle bang echoed throughout the office. Revel gave a smile as he got to his feet, the old man stumbled backwards with a hole in his chest. He looked really confused as he fell, to the ground. Revel walked up to him, his pistol now place in it's holster.

"You didn't see it coming you little scumbag, did you?" Revel sneered," Normally I kill my target right away but someone like you should suffer. Someone like you that sees no value in other humans lives. Someone who has let greed get the better of them. People like you make me want to puke. To think that I share this universe with people like you is truly sickening. Anyways I hope enjoy the last few minutes of your life Because I shot you with a lazer round  which carried good amount of vaporised poison. To be precise the most painful poison the galaxy has to offer. And currently that poison is being absorbed into your blood stream" He said looking into the man's dull blue eyes.

The man couldn't speak but Revel knew judging by the look he was receiving this, man was cursing him in that tiny head of his., Revel straightened himself out and walked towards a window to his left. The man even though unable to utter a word started to scream in agony, but the pleasure was short lived as the window smashed open as a large humming noise filled the room from a cloaked space craft that was now partially inside the the office. Revel took a step up on what appeared to be thin air, looked back and admired his handiwork.

"Computer, close hatch and, fire gamma radiation at all biological substances within external room." He said coolly walking into a well lit silver hallway with various weapons lined along the sides.

"Gamma radiation treatment successful." Said a seductive female computer a few seconds later

"Notify headquarters of mission success.” Revel said placing his on the weapon rack.

Much later police, and authorities arrived on the site of the crime, only finding the broken window nothing more. It was as if all of Domatech's executives disappeared into thin air. Exactly how the Nebula Paradox wanted it to end.

The End

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