The Europa ExterminationMature

My life gained a second chance when I joined the legendary guild. I became more then a man, I became part of a legend, a myth, history.

My name is Rylnod Taonn. I am an assassin. I am a member of The Nebula Paradox. I am no more then a simple cog in the gears of our Guild, but I enjoy my role. I enjoy my job. It is fun. Darkly entertaining. My last quest was particularly entertaining.

It began like any other.

A single note left on my desk. One name, one location, and a sum of money. I couldn't help but grin.  The name was Chechov Victorus. His location was the moon known as Europa, off of the planet Jupiter.

To easy. He had an apartment. Made of pure Martian glass. To an assassin, this means an easy kill. Martian glass is not bullet proof....  

He lived on the twenty second floor. Three from the top. The building itself was a darkish blue. I stood across the street, shielded by the shadows. He had left the building three minutes and eleven seconds ago.

I had eight minutes and forty nine seconds to enter his apartment, ready the trap, leave, and get to my "Plan B" position.

The street was empty. The buildings were all a mirror of the one beside them, creativity was lacking.

Luckily, this trap was particularly interesting. The fact that the walls of the apartment were tinted Martian glass meant they were heat proof, which meant I could create an oven...

I ran straight at the wall, launched my foot at the vertical surface, and sprinted upwards. I ran upwards much like the way Spiderman scales walls, my special gloves and boots allowed me to walk up walls as easily as skipping down a road.

I reached the twenty second floor in just under thirty seconds. I managed to open the balcony door. Security was lacking. Not even an alarm....

I smiled, the smell of fear tainted the entire apartment. He expected a vistor. There was a pathetic bear trap just inside the door. A tripwire about four feet in front of that, that seemed to link with a trigger shotgun.

As if I would have used the front door...

I quickly got to work. That tripwire would help a lot. I disarmed the two traps. Rewired the wire so that it would trip when the door closed, and rigged it to pull down a cup board to the left of the entrance. He would be trapped.

I removed a single box from my satchel. Set the timer. And strolled to the balcony, I put the bear trap down just inside the balcony door. He was not leaving the apartment.

I checked my watch. Two minutes and forty nine seconds. Then the politician would enter his home, and his coffin.

I reached my "Plan B" zone. It was a building half way down the street. One minute eleven seconds.

I yawned. Waiting was boring. Then he was there, entering the building. Soon the buring gas would be released. It should be released twelve seconds after the trap was sprung.

He walked into his apartment. The cupboard fell. He looked horrified. I laughed. They always look so pathetic. He sprinted for the balcony. Predictable much...

I almost heard the scream from where I was. He was in agonizing pain. The bear trap was ripping into his ankle. Then the little box flashed. Under the pain, I could tell he was slightly perplexed.

His face turned red. His brown hair began to fall out. His pupils expanded. He then began to convulse violently. Suddenly he lay still.

Mission complete.

I walked to the back of the building, held a single little button. Much like that, that opens car locks. I pressed it. I stood with my back to the direction of the dead mans apartment.

I could hear the explosion. That little box had done as it was meant to. Poisoned the man, and destroyed the remains.

God I love my life. I leaped off the building and fell into the deep shadows. Becoming invisible.



The End

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