The Nebula ParadoxMature

A guild of Assassins resides on the now decrepit and almost lifeless earth. Their mission is not what you might expect, for they exist to serve the people. However the high-ranking members have started to fall away from the Code, building armies, going to parties, becoming what they are sworn to destroy. Those who speak out are killed and the members still loyal to the code realize they have to group up in order to stop this conspiracy.


The world celebrates as one of the largest "End of the World" theories is again proven wrong.

"We were lucky" some claim.

"It should have been obvious that it wouldn't happen" say others. For it seemed to them a fallacy to believe in the Mayans. Yes they made a calendar, but they also fervently believed that throwing people into volcanoes would make it rain.

In spite of these differences of opinion, people everywhere agreed that this world on which they lived should be better maintained. The "second chance" which they had been given should be taken advantage of. Wars came to a halt. Peace and equality were extended to all. The world united under one banner. Efforts in the prevention of pollution and earth-destroying habits were redoubled. Smart cars became even smarter, gas although no longer held by OPEC was become less and less of a need. Many advances were made.

But for Earth... it was too late.

The dead world was past the point of a foreseeable return. So attention was turned to space travel. Humans began to make their presence known in first their galaxy, and then the known universe. Old earth was abandoned.


As the One-hundreth anniversary of mankind's unification came around the bend, attention was called to a new threat.


Politicians, CEOs, Movie stars, sports players could not be allowed to continue to grow in power. As was already in evidence, these powerful people were starting to turn back mankind's accomplishments to line their own pockets. Something had to be done. The answer was a league of the best military personnel taken from across the universe. Trained killers. Assassins.Those loyal to their fellow men and not their own agendas.

Their duty was a sacred, secret, and dangerous one: Preventing the power brokers from messing things up. Those who were deemed a threat to universal security, were eliminated. Such an exclusive group required an exclusive base. One that would keep settlers away. One that would not allow the members of the group to live in the extravagance that they were sent to destroy. The choice was obvious: Old Earth. A now hostile and unforgiving world. No one would go there on there own volition.  The members of the guild were sworn to The Code. A document almost as revered as The Declaration of World Independence. This set of rules became the life of all who joined the group. They were more than just murderers. They were more than just vigilantes. They were Legends.

They were The Nebula Paradox.

The End

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