Neammie watched as the guards began to switch. One of them gave the other a fist pump and a slap on the back. Neammie giggled silently. The things that fey did. Sometimes, if was weren’t for their looks, they would’ve been exactly like a human.

Neammie snuck in again and quickly ran back to the girl’s cell with the keys to her prison cell. Neammie quickly unlocked to door and dragged her out.

“Now it’s your turn.” She hissed into the girls ears, pushing her forward. “No matter what you hear, don’t turn back.”

Neammie quickly closed the door and motioned for Gwen to go before she suddenly let out a scream.

“A rat!” She gasped, drawing the guard’s attention to her. “I saw a rat!”

“Who are you!” The guard demanded as he tried to figure out which prisoner she was and how in the world did she get out of her cell. Neammie stumbled forward and clung onto the guard’s leg.

“Save me! There’s a rat!” She shrieked again as the guard tried to shake her off. But the pixie clung tightly to the leg and refused to let go.

“Where’s the rat?” The guard finally growled, quite annoyed that he couldn’t even get a prisoner off his leg.

“There.” Neammied said, pointing at the empty cell that once contained Gwen. The guard suddenly noticed that the prisoner in that cell was gone. But before he could do anything, Neammie quickly slipped a dagger into his chest. The guard fell to the ground with blood bleeding into his shirt. Neammie quickly stabbed him again a couple more times before she stopped. Better safe than sorry. She grabbed the keys from the guard’s belt and threw them into the nearest cell.

“Help yourself.” She said. “You have approximately an hour to get out of this place before another guard comes and kills you all.”

She flashed the bewildered prisoners a small smile before rushing off to catch up to Gwen. Her job wasn’t quite done yet.

This next part, was the hard part.

The End

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