Guinevere couldn't believe she would be getting out of this hell tonight. If that pixie could take down Shadow, and Guinevere had her doubts. She had hope though, of course she had. But there was this tiny voice inside her mind that told her to not go with it, that it was a trap. A human couldn't have possibly paid the mercenary, so why would a Fey want her free? It puzzled Guinevere, but what was waiting for her after her escape couldn't possibly be worse than her life in the dungeons, could it?
She glanced at the guard, who wasn't as smart as Shadow, but he was big and brutal, and Guinevere felt that he wouldn't just lock her up in her cell again, like Shadow always did after another attempt at escaping. 

She heard footsteps approaching. Was it time for them to switch? She looked around her carefully to see where the pixie was hiding, but she couldn't find her. Her throath was getting dry and her heart was starting to beat faster. Shadow came walking down the stairs. Was this it? Was she going to be free?

The End

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