There was something in the air. Something Shadow didn't like, but he couldn't place his finger on what it was. The girl hadn't tried to escape again. Maybe that was it. 

As he went to take over from the other guard, he studied each of the prisoners carefully. Some were sat at the back of the cell, rocking back and forth, muttering under their breath. Others were screaming, or staring at the faeries with loathing. The child had fallen silent, thankfully. He didn't think he would have stood it for another night, hearing the boy's cries.

The other guard nodded at him as he walked up. 

"Any problems?" Shadow asked quietly.

"None. They've all been little angels." The other replied, scorn in his voice. He was well known for hating humans, and was more brutal than Shadow.

"Good. You can leave now. I believe the queen wants to talk to you." Shadow turned his back, a clear dismissal to the lower guard. Footsteps faded away before Shadow sighed. 

He was not in the mood tonight. And he could not shake the feeling that something was going to happen.

The End

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