Rowan: Introduction

In the beginning, all things were made. Many of the spirits were gifted with the sight, an ability to see those that share our realm, the fey. The fey are as diverse as humans: some are good, very good; and others on the other hand....

My name is Rowan Ash Kerr, one of these spirits gifted with the sight. I can see the fey. And because of this connection my affinity with magic was born. Now, a simple man who travels the woods seems to be my identity.

I yearn for control of the air, ultimate control of the air, but that desire is still a long ways away from my current ability. For now, I am found in the woods: perfecting my skill, communication with the fey, and concocting potions from the natural components around me.


I sit cross-legged and with my eyes closed in a glade surrounded by tall pines and broad oaks. The breeze gently whispering its way through their branches and the rays of the sun giving warmth to my skin, cold with anticipation and deep thought. My breath is slow, and with time swells my belly and lets it continually rise and fall.

At my thought I feel the rushing gust of wind that is forming beneath me and my hands that were clenching my knees now soften and seem to float upward. My long neck-length brown hair slowly floats up. Within a few second I float mere centimeters above the thick, yet soft, grass. Meanwhile, the whistling wind applauds me by gliding thrushes to sing around me.

I open my eyes and look around slowly, so as not to lose this feeling or break it. I see the wind that pushes me upward and smile. After weeks of meditating and attempting to control the wind I can finally lift myself above the ground.


The call crashes my calm and I plummet to the unforgiving earth and scrape my elbow. I get up and turn around to see Harriet, a fey.


"Congrats on the levitation!"

Harriet is quite bubbly, even by fey standards. And while this bubbliness is normally an annoyance in conversation, it makes her quite agile when fighting enemies. I like to keep her around for her usefulness, but also for her big mouth.

"Thanks, it's taken me a while."

"So, how long until you can use it a fight? Like, if an enemy is going to attack you can you thrust wind into him or like slice him apart or like... trip him?"

"No, nothing quite like that yet. It would take me a bit of meditation to create a wind of such force to be able to move an unwilling human or beast. I'll just stick to what I can do already." I smile and the motion to the dagger attached to my belt on the left side.

She nods and giggles a bit. "Oh, and I have to tell you something!"

"What's that?"

"I was walking around and I saw a band of men with red tattoos and bald heads. They were hiding this giant bag of treasure inside a rotting log. I think we could get it and split the loot."

I raise my eyebrow in interest, "Yes, let's do that."

The End

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